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City Belle Roots

As of Thursday January 10, 2019 Swan City Belle became City Belle Roots. I'm just a Belle in a big city with no plans of returning to my Southern roots. I know, I know. For shame 🙊 What began as a Vernacular Photography blog morphed into a writing blog, but I'm settling into just being a blog about Jae. A thirty something NYC transplant via Florida navigating a not so magickal life after dirty thirty. It's a hot mess around here, but little by little, day by day, with a little Green Witchery + Magick life gets more interesting in the Rotten Apple.

On Thursday August 16, 2018 Black Belle Magick aptly became Swan City Belle, and everything feels right and perfect with the name change! In the later months of 2018 and rolling into 2019, a lot of changes will be happening. I hope I am finally finding my niche and comfort in the blogging world. Thank you for being along for the crazy ride!

Ebony Brewed Magick is now Black Belle Magick, and is the intranet love child of Indie Author, J.M. Wynter. Formerly known as, 'Vernacular Affair' when born back in 2010, and almost called, 'The Curio of JM Wynter'.

Ebony Brewed Magick was a play on 'Black Girl Magic', and I literally spent 3 days trying to come up with something that was befitting me and catchy. I wanted something darker, but I decided not to go too dark. I will leave that for my tales. In December 2017 I was inspired by my love for being a Southerner and a Belle, thus the name change came about. I'm in love.

I want this space to represent a curio of myself. All the light and the dark. This is where all my social media ties together with a beautiful ebony bow. I'll try and keep you entertained, but no promises. This is supposed to be a Lifestyle Blog, but I don't lead much an exciting life.

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Vlog Magick v.6: My Growing Walgreen's Addiction

Hey, lovelies! It's been a while. May is still Mental Health Awareness month, so I'm exercising working on myself this month. It's especially important to me because I'm getting a year older in my dirty thirty's. It's both bittersweet and eye opening. I'm finding my depths this month, more so than I have ever been tried in all my 31 years. I'm finding a strength I didn't know I had in myself, and it's growing everyday. I still have many obstacles to overcome, but day by day, a girl is kicking the ass of all the negativity coming my way. I just keep reminding myself and telling myself that this season is almost over. I'm still winning in my own special way. Lovelies, what ways are you taking care of yourself this month?

Adulting: Mental Health Awareness Month

I didn't realize my birth month is #MentalHealthAwarenessMonth. Funny how the first day of the month I have a complete mental breakdown. I'm fine now. Actually the next day I was doing much better.

I knew that transitioning my blog from my budding writing career to a lifestyle blog would be an interesting transition. I am usually secretive and tend to keep my feelings to myself. I knew that somewhere there would be an enemy or foe scowling at my posts, or making jokes at my expense. Which is fine, it comes with the territory. I don't do this for you, I do this for the lone girl that's out there like me. For the person who thinks they are the only one who suffers. I'm open because I'm strong enough to be open. I'm open about my PCOS and the facial hair that comes with it, because I'm inspired by those women who were brave enough to share their experiences.

I'm experiencing what I'm coining 'Environmental Sadness'. My surroundings are mak…