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Four Thieves Vinegar Recipe

I first heard about four thieves vinegar when I needed it to do a banishing spell a couple years ago. Making it was an option, but not feasible because of the long wait time. I was fortunate enough to have a Botanica nearby so I scooped up a small bottle for fairly cheap. Oh, and my spell worked! ❤😎

What You Need: Quart size mason jar, 2
Apple Cider Vinegar
Garlic Cloves
Dried or Fresh Rosemary
Dried or Fresh Thyme
Cayenne Peppers
Black Peppercorn

Peel the garlic clovesStarting with the garlic cloves, state your intentions and what you want the potion to do for you, this will help the manifestation of the spell/ritual. Do this for each ingredient. Cover your herbs with the apple cider vinegarSeal the mason jar, give it a couple upside down and right side up shakesStore the jar in a cool, dark place for 4-6 weeks. Shake jar to mix ingredients at least once a week.Strain the mixture into another mason jar. Plant the used herbs in the earth. Congrats, my lovie! You now have Four Thieves V…

The Witch's Cupboard - 11 Healing Herbs

One of the things I love so much about Green Witchery, is that it incorporates things that you use on a daily basis and you didn't even realize the magickal properties behind it! To have a patch of herbs in your garden strictly for medicine was not uncommon, in fact, it was a necessity. Before heading to the doctor became second nature, you would head to herbs for your ailments.

Witch's Cupboard Magickal Herbs
AniseBasilBay LeavesChamomileCinnamonClovesEucalyptusLavenderPeppermintRoseRosemary

Anise, Star Anise // Air Element
Good for protection and purification.

Basil, Sweet // Fire Element
Good for fertility, luck, happiness, fidelity, and divination.

Bay // Fire Element
Good for clairvoyance, protection, and physic power.

Chamomile // Water Element
Good for menstrual cramps, treating minor skin disorders, + a good night's sleep.

Cinnamon // Fire Element
Good for drawing money, success, love, and increase spirituality and protection.

Cloves // Fire Element
Good for wealth, prospe…