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The Witch's Cupboard - 11 Healing Herbs

One of the things I love so much about Green Witchery, is that it incorporates things that you use on a daily basis and you didn't even realize the magickal properties behind it! To have a patch of herbs in your garden strictly for medicine was not uncommon, in fact, it was a necessity. Before heading to the doctor became second nature, you would head to herbs for your ailments.

Witch's Cupboard Magickal Herbs
AniseBasilBay LeavesChamomileCinnamonClovesEucalyptusLavenderPeppermintRoseRosemary

Anise, Star Anise // Air Element
Good for protection and purification.

Basil, Sweet // Fire Element
Good for fertility, luck, happiness, fidelity, and divination.

Bay // Fire Element
Good for clairvoyance, protection, and physic power.

Chamomile // Water Element
Good for menstrual cramps, treating minor skin disorders, + a good night's sleep.

Cinnamon // Fire Element
Good for drawing money, success, love, and increase spirituality and protection.

Cloves // Fire Element
Good for wealth, prospe…