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Book Review: Rectify by Jacqueline Druga

Some people don't like Novellas, I simply adore them! When they are well crafted and don't feel rushed, they can be an awesome afternoon or late night binge read.

I first read Jacqueline Druga in a compilation of Zombie tales and really loved the tale I read, so I've been reading her stuff ever since. Her main characters are usually strong women that have to deal with real life decisions and situations in the event of a Post Apocalyptic catastrophe.

June is a mother of 3 and works at the local hospital. It's pretty typical and the humdrum of a small town hospital until they get their first case of CO-D4. Those who contract the virus are later called Codies. 

It's fast, but the government in her town seems to have it as controlled as can be when they put together teams of military men, or R-Teams. They go around town dispatching, or Rectifying those who have turned. There's even a hotline to call if you suspect a neighbor trying to take care of an infected family member.

Things take a turn for the worse when one of June's own family members becomes sick with CO-D4. Can she rectify them or will she break the law to take care of them because deep down she feels like a part of them are still in there, even after they turn. Good read all the way to end, loved the ending!

X🍉, Jae

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