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Beginner, Seasoned, or Basic Witch Own It!

I recently read that being a Witch or practicing the Craft isn't synonymous with self-care and to think so is being a "basic witch". 😒 The thing I love most about the Craft, is that person could be right, but I beg to disagree.

Here's the thing why I feel like the Craft is self-care{to me!}: majority of being a Solitary Witch or an Eclectic Witch is that you're doing things for yourself. Be it to better yourself (hello Abundance/Prosperity Spells!😻), to banish bad people or situations out of your life, or to attract love. Even helping or healing someone is some sort of self gratification, amiright? You don't help for that sole purpose, but it makes you feel good.

The person *did* go on to say that the Craft and self-care do intertwine from time to time, with this I wholeheartedly agree! The person just believes that the Craft doesn't equal self-care. [Craft ≠ self-care] 💁 IDK, to each their own I guess.

This ish is therapeutic for me, and once I continued to let my third eye open, the world around me started to make more and more sense. I found my calling, my path. My cake is herbalism and the frosting just happens to be magick.

Don't let someone who is seasoned tell you that you're right or wrong on your path. The Craft is about learning and honing in on your skills until it becomes second nature. Spells can be tweaked to fit you and do what feels right to you. The Craft isn't cookie cutter.

How do you feel about labels surrounding the Craft? Are you for them or against them? Do they hinder or guide your practicing? 

X💚, Jae


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