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Abundance Oil Recipe

New Year, New Witch. I'm feeling like I could use another cleansing bath because I didn't eat some Black Eyed Peas like my Mama told me to do, because 2019 is already acting a little funky with me. I'm hoping the upcoming weeks will be better.

Sometimes we need a little extra oomph from the Universe, or some extra power to send our intentions and wishes out into the Universe. Speaking your intentions into existence is a great start, but it's also good to anoint yourself with oils.

Oils can be used to anoint yourself or to dress your candles for rituals and spells. The particular oil blend we'll be discussing today is a Prosperity or Abundance blend. I like to say Abundance because it's more than just monetary vibes I want to attract. I want good health, prosperity, happiness, all that good stuff.

  1. Cinnamon - good for attracting wealth
  2. Frankincense - enhances spiritual awareness
  3. Orange - welcome joy into your life
  4. Patchouli - calms the mind and body
When I make my Abundance blend in a 10ml roller bottle in an EVOO (Extra Virgin Olive Oil), I like  to add Citrine crystals charged with my intentions. I recently made an Abundance blend for my sister and made sure to charge it with everything she has been wanting and asking for.

Do you have a particular recipe or blend for Abundance/Prosperity? Please share!

X💚, Jae

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