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10 Signs to Cut Your Family Loose

I don't know who needs to hear this, but:

It's OK not to have a relationship with your family!

Woo! Now, say what? Absolutely. If your family is toxic enough to be detrimental to your mental health, then it is OK to cut them from your life. It doesn't happen overnight and it's not a rash decision. You are not a bad person for considering it or actually doing it. 

If your family isn't adding any type of positiveness to your livelihood, then it's time to cut the ties that no longer bond you. Being related by blood doesn't mean you owe them anything. Sometimes  your family can be your own worse enemy. 

Some signs it's time to nix it:
  1. They talk ill of your life boldly to your face
  2. They constantly compare your life to siblings or other family members
  3. They don't encourage you in what you want to do in your life
  4. They don't let go of your past even when you have made peace with it
  5. They don't ever offer a helping hand, be it a shoulder to cry on or financially
  6. They only talk of themselves when they call, and they never listen to your problems
  7. They are unhappy with themselves and tear you down to make them feel better
  8. They only call when they need something
  9. They never pay you back your money and constantly ask to borrow more
  10. They will not offer a kind word when you're down on your luck, and would prefer you to stay down

Any of these sound familiar? It's OK to cry about this. It's a heavy burden to carry around, but I promise you, you will feel so much better when you let go of that extra weight. You can baby step it or you can just cut them off completely in one shot. 

  • Change your number
  • Deactivate your social media, or make it private
  • Move to another city, county, state
  • Send holiday cards
  • Pick up an extra shift or a 2nd job
I recently deleted and blocked someone I was friends with for over 16 years and I absolutely do not miss that friendship at all. It took me years to finally take the plunge, but once I did, I felt so much more freedom in my mental health. 

Even if you do not cut toxic relationships completely off cold turkey, you do need to take steps to add some much needed distance in the relationship. Don't make yourself available to accept the negativity into your life.

X💚, Jae


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    1. Thank you, Vicky! I will definitely be posting a lot more on a schedule late Summer 2019 :)


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