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Year End Review: 2018

I am so glad this year is O V E R! Can you believe how fast this year went by! I spent entirely too much money on Amazon. I battled with adult acne. I didn't save as much money as I should have. I wrote a manuscript in a month, participating in NanoWriMo. I purchased glasses from Glasseslit, never again. I supported Black Owned businesses and Women Owned businesses. Good-bye 2018.

Writing took a huge hit when my backpack got stolen out of my car. (You can read about that here. 😢) Books 3 + 4 from my zombie series were stolen. I had been working on that series since 2013 and it was POOF! gone in one night. I don't even know if I will ever venture back to that series, I have no idea how I would finish it. So, I just moved on. My brain thought up of another project and I already finished that manuscript. I still have no plans of hiring and editor or releasing a book no time soon. 🙎

Why am I drawing a blank here? I should be full of things to talk about, but sadly, I don't even know what to say. I'm still an ever growing work in progress. I just take life one day at a time. I use to hate living in NYC, but with this minimum wage increase to $15/hr I think I might just stay in the rotten apple a little longer. I have 2 certifications in Holistic Remedies. I definitely would like to explore and continue my education in this field. I'm really into essential oils and I've got two companies that I love and trust. Plant Therapy + Plant Guru

You know that break I keep talking about that I need to take? Deep down I know I need to take said break, but I don't. This whole blog needs to be re-named, re-vamped, and re-thought about what the hell I'm trying to accomplish here. I have ideas, oh, I'm always full of friggin' ideas! I swear every year this blog gets a new name because I'm not happy. I don't think this blog will finally reach its full potential until hopefully Summer 2019. I joke you not...

You know what? Throw the whole damn uterus away 😾😷 No, I'm serious. I haven't had a period since July! Every month I'm creeping towards desperation, and every month it's the same exact thing. Crickets. It's taking its toll on me. Five long years of struggling and trying to find the right cocktail of natural remedies is driving me crazy. I still can't find it in myself to run to Clomid or doctor interference yet. 

I think I am finally figuring out this whole natural hair care biz. Oh, just after over a decade of being natural 😉 I got my last sew-in I think I will ever get in my life. I had so much hair fall out and I only kept it in for about 4 weeks. I don't think my hair likes protective styling too much. My hair needs to be moisturized, detangled, and styled twice a week. I'm not even joking. One thing I have been doing is waiting until Wednesday, which is my refreshing day to do a deep condition. To do it on wash-day is just a lot. Maui Moisture has become my new Shea Moisture, my hair really likes the products. I'm still having problems retaining length, but I'm hoping 2019 to see some length retention.

So, my wickadees, how did 2018 treat you? 

    X🍉, Jae


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