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Year End Review: 2018

I am so glad this year is O V E R! Can you believe how fast this year went by! I spent entirely too much money on Amazon. I battled with adult acne. I didn't save as much money as I should have. I wrote a manuscript in a month, participating in NanoWriMo. I purchased glasses from Glasseslit, never again. I supported Black Owned businesses and Women Owned businesses. Good-bye 2018.

Writing.  Writing took a huge hit when my backpack got stolen out of my car. (You can read about that here. 😢) Books 3 + 4 from my zombie series were stolen. I had been working on that series since 2013 and it was POOF! gone in one night. I don't even know if I will ever venture back to that series, I have no idea how I would finish it. So, I just moved on. My brain thought up of another project and I already finished that manuscript. I still have no plans of hiring and editor or releasing a book no time soon. 🙎

Life.  Why am I drawing a blank here? I should be full of things to talk about, but sadly…

The Cost of PCOS

You know what the worse part of having PCOS is? Supplements can only be used to HELP the balance. PCOS is a myriad of afflictions. Acne, hormone imbalance, no periods, weight gain around the middle, insomnia, pre-diabetic, infertility, no ovulation, etc. The first remedy is diet and exercise.

PCOS dietExerciseWater + herbal teas I spend all of this money on supplements, and I turn my nose up at over priced organic vegetables and grass fed meat that costs $10 per pound instead of the $5 I'm used to paying. I spent $14 on a bag of 3 pieces of wild caught salmon and was peeved. I literally just forked over $90 for 3 supplements that aren't going to help me full spectrum because I haven't changed my eating habits or incorporated any type of exercise.

But I can't just do nothing.

My Myo-Insositol supplement ran out days ago, and that's rule numero uno: NEVER LET YOUR SUPPLEMENTS RUN OUT! Now I feel like I'm going to be starting all over, but I have to do something. I&…

Mental Health Check - November(ish)

I want a clean slate! A fresh start! That's what I love so much about the ending of a year and the beginning of a new one.

New beginningsNew plansNew failsNew learning possibilitiesLetting go of the pastMaking new memories Every year I tell myself that October is my favorite month of the entire year, (besides May my birthday month!) and every year it's not a good one. October is always really rough for me, and I love it so much because it's Halloween and all spooky and such.

I was so happy for November 1st! I always have a lot of positive energy around Samhain and this is the first year that I've noticed, and it's probably not a coincidence. We are so close to closing out the year 2018 and I couldn't be happier. This is not to say that more misery and woe is not yet to come, because there is so much more of that ahead for me. But I'm ok with it. I'm prepared for it, because I think things are finally going to go in the upswing with me + my little life af…