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Tried + True: 5 Things I Tried in August

  • Steaz Organic Iced Tea
  • Dealing with PCOS, I try to watch my sugar intake. I'm not always successful, because I admit it, I'm a sugar addict. I saw this on sale at the local shop for a buck and thought, what the heck. I didn't think it would be delicious, but it is! It's so refreshing with just the right amount of sugar and taste. This is my go to lunch drink. They also carry a zero calorie option, but I'm not brave! 

  • Yoplait YQ Yogurt
  • Do you know how hard it is to find a decent priced and decent ingredient yogurt? These were on sale, but I went back the next week, and they sky rocketed to almost $2/cup! That's pretty insane, so I didn't even get them again. I liked the flavors, Coconut was my favorite.

  • Hask Monoi Coconut Oil Conditioner
  • I like to use a deep conditioning packet every week on wash day. This left my hair feeling like soft, silky amazigness! They are about $1.50-$2.00/packet, but they are so worth the money. Every time I hit up Wal-Mart I always add a month's worth to my natural hair regimen. 

  • AliExpress
  • I've used this shopping app before to order some bundles (when I was getting them last year 😉), but I saw some sneakers I wanted. Pretty much off brand Huraches. I'm not really a sneaker head like my sister, and I'm not a name-brand kinda girl. I needed sneakers, scored these for $15 instead of $80+ and I'm happy. I ordered a size too big, but I'm cool with them. If you can wait a long time for things to ship from China, AliExpress is pretty boss.

  • Honey's Handmade Honey Kokum Hair Mask
  • I ordered a good chunk of this Black Owned FL based natural hair care line! I will have to do a review, because I love them! This deep conditioner mask is thick, and leaves my hair feeling juicy and moisturized.

Did you try anything you adored\abhorred last month?


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