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Proving Your 'Blackness' To Other Black People

Oooh wee! This article has me all types of peeved. Will you believe me if I said I stumbled upon it while doing a Google search for Black maternity photo shoots? I thought it was satire at first, but then I read the entire thing. So, here's my response...
Are you going to pay for my DNA test to find out specifically what region of Africa my ancestors were taken from? Run that $200+ please and thank  you.My hands are ashy because it's Winter in NYC, but hold up, let me smooth some shea butter on my parched melanin skin. Nice silky and smooth? *Raises fist in the air to signify my Black power* No one has to prove their "blackness" to you, we have to do that enough in day to day activities. My "natural afro" isn't just culture or history. It's the damn hair I was born with before I straightened it, and killed it with a perm. It's sad to say, but it was almost a right of passage for me to get my first perm, crazy I know! So what if there is a natura…

Put Ya'll On: Reduce, Reuse, Recycle

Hey! My first PYO post! Woot! Well, if you follow me on Facebook, I already made a PYO that you should check out! Ok, so ya'll know I'm going to drop some knowledge right? You might already use this, and if not, well I'm puttin' ya'll on!

Incorporating the 3 R's can be tough in this day and age. We move so fast in our daily lives, we rarely have time to stop and think about how we are impacting the environment with the everyday items we use on a daily basis. What exactly are the 3 R's, and what the heck do they mean to you?
Reduce, Reuse, + Recycle

You're probably already doing 2 out of the 3 already, and you probably don't think twice about doing it. Old butter tub? Plastic bags to later be used in lieu of a plastic shower cap? In all honesty, I think reducing and eliminating waste is the most difficult for me out of the 3. Growing up in the South, I've already watched my Mama and Grandma for years reuse old food containers. 
Yes, y'all, I…

Take a Social Media Break With Me!

Gasp! Say what? Jae stop playing with me! I know, it sounds crazy right? I mean, if you must be technical, I'm not 110% unplugged because I'm writing this blog. 😝 I have stayed away from Facebook and Instagram for a couple days now, and I must say, I feel fantastic!

Of course I get a little curious when I get super bored, but for the most part, they have both been off limits! Social Media changes you, no matter what you think, it does. I didn't like the mental state I was falling into by being so tuned into Social Media almost every waking moment.

You shouldn't be that plugged in, it's really not healthy. I know it may sound crazy coming from me who wants nothing more than to have a nice, thriving career in Social Media and Blogging, but you have to know when to take a break.

One of the biggest benefits I am happy with taking the much needed break is that my writing is thriving. I'm currently churning out book 4 in my zombie series and I couldn't be happi…

How I Prepared My Hair for a Press

I don't recommend it, but I'm not one for styling my hair. I hate the two week in between time before I can jump right into the next protective hairstyle. It's not really protective hair styling if you're not properly taking care of your hair. So, I will never take out a protective style and then 3 days later get my hair pressed. I didn't experience any damage, though. Why? Because the press only lasted a day, and the next day I was happy to quench my coils with much needed water and conditioner. 🙌

After I took out the crochet hair, I applied Shea Moisture Black Jamaican Castor Oil on my scalp and braids. Then I covered with a plastic bag for an hour or so. I then applied Coconut oil with a few drops of Peppermint essential oil, and the braids were super easy to take out, except for the matting around my nape.

The next day I slathered my hair in Shea Moisture Raw Shea Butter deep treatment masque. I believe it is these steps that helped those tangles melt right o…