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Adulting: How I Rebuilt My Poor Credit

Let me tell you one thing: it has not been easy to re-build my credit. I literally spent everyday checking my Credit Karma account in order to keep up with it. First things first? You gotta know where you stand. Get your free credit report and see what's going on with your credit. I was plagued with Student loans, old bills in collections limbo, and credit cards I couldn't afford to pay.

If you're stressed and think you can't re-build your credit, you're wrong! You can do it! The best thing I did was get a secured credit card with a $200 down payment. Doing that alone made my credit score jump over 20 points! But, bad spending habits quickly brought it right back down.

They tell you the rule of thumb is not to spend 30% of your credit limit. LIES! You should only spend no more than 10%, and actually spending nothing at all is even better! Even though I was paying my credit card bill in FULL every month, my credit score was still dropping 10 points here and there, until I was almost right back where I started.


Next I disputed a lot of old bills with Transunion and Equifax right through Credit Karma. I disputed everything that was negative and in collections. Guess what? A few of them were taken off and my credit score jumped! But beware, collectors sell your debt, and a few months later the same exact bill showed right back up in my damn collections. My credit score dropped even more. 😭

The last leg of my credit was my student loans. Why are we even required to pay interest on our education? An education I'm not even using might I add, but I grossly digress. Don't ignore your student loans. Even when Navient sends you a statement for a bill that is well over monthly rent (it was $716 in case you're wondering), don't ignore it! Get on an income driven plan. Do it online and upload your taxes to see what monthly amount you qualify for. 👍👍👍

I ignored my student loans because I knew there was no way I could afford to pay them. So silly me defaulted on TWO loans. Don't let the word 'default' scare you either. I rehabbed the two loans with 9 small monthly payments, and 45 days later it was off one of my credit reports. This event is what inspired this post today. My credit score jumped 14 points! Now if only pesky Transunion can follow suit, I can be a happier adult.

I'm no guru, but if you have any questions please feel free to comment or email me! 


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