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Currently Obsessed v.18

This cute cactus cross body {via Amazon}
skeleton kitty patch {via Amazon}
These brooches would look good on a plain sweater! {via Amazon}
This adorable cactus dress {via Amazon}
This cute star print dress {via Amazon}
An octopus dress! {via Amazon}
Gotta have this flamingo dress! {via Amazon}
Loving this nautical one piece {via Amazon}
Gotta add this anchor one piece to the collection

{via Amazon}
These dima mirrors {via Amazon}

Book Review: Until The Death of Me by Shaunessy Blu

{via Amazon Kindle}
I usually don't read Street Lit, but I have to say that I enjoyed reading this. So much so that I went right on to the next book, because I just had to know what happened!

We have the main character Asha. A good person who just happened to have children with the absolute wrong man.

Then we have Prodigy whose a street boss with a good heart, and he wants to get out of the game.

It's a like/strongly dislike for me with the character Izaak. He rubbed me the wrong way, but he had some, if very few, ok qualities about him.

The book takes place in the projects of Illinois. It's written from the point of view of just about every character in the book, which is a nice setup to help the story move along.

Asha is awesome in the beginning. She has two kids and two jobs, and is an all around hard worker to make sure her and her babies get by. The father of her children, Brian, is beyond a total scumbag. Both physical and verbal abuse. I don't see how she put u…

Adulting: I'm Burnt Out, Kindly F#ck Off!

To say I'm over it, is a horrible understatement. I've been working full-time since I was 21. I've been trying to transition into working from home and being an entrepreneur since 2014. My 28th birthday I knew I didn't want to work for other people for the rest of my life. In the back of my mind I know I am destined for so much more. Plus, I'm so full of ideas!

But like ideas for the many books I dream about, everything falls to the way side. You have to spend money in order to make money, and it's difficult to stay afloat plus save a little more to make the full transition.
One day, I am just going to do it!
It boggles my mind when I read bloggers that are feeling the way I am feeling about the corporate world about blogging! I mean, I guess we are on opposite sides of the spectrum, but I'm excited. I'm eager. I'm ready to delve head first into this blogging game. I'm still curating my voice, my content, literally my life!
I can't believe …

Currently Obsessed v.17

These cute marshmallow mugs {via Amazon}
These cloud fridge magnets
{via Amazon}
Doesn't this T-Rex tea infuser look like Reptar from Rugrats? {via Amazon}
Would love to hit the beach in this adorable pineapple high waist bathing suit {via Amazon}
This cute crossbody {via Amazon}
These bird wine stoppers {via Amazon}
This cute crescent moon necklace {via Amazon}
A Summer essential rhinestone sandals {via Amazon}
The cute dress to go with those shoes! {via Amazon}
I love wedges!! These look super comfy {via Amazon}

Currently Obsessed v.16

This adorable night light {via Amazon}
I love this tea light holder {via Amazon}
wax warmer with a message {via Amazon}
Are wax seals making a comeback? {via Amazon}
This unicorn survival kit {via Amazon}
I love wearing a cute wig {via Amazon}
These zombie slippers are life! {via Amazon}
This mixtape doormat is dope {via Amazon}
I'm a sucker for cute socks {via Amazon}
Love the design on this journal {via Amazon}

Adulting: How I Rebuilt My Poor Credit

Let me tell you one thing: it has not been easy to re-build my credit. I literally spent everyday checking my Credit Karma account in order to keep up with it. First things first? You gotta know where you stand. Get your free credit report and see what's going on with your credit. I was plagued with Student loans, old bills in collections limbo, and credit cards I couldn't afford to pay.

If you're stressed and think you can't re-build your credit, you're wrong! You can do it! The best thing I did was get a secured credit card with a $200 down payment. Doing that alone made my credit score jump over 20 points! But, bad spending habits quickly brought it right back down.

They tell you the rule of thumb is not to spend 30% of your credit limit. LIES! You should only spend no more than 10%, and actually spending nothing at all is even better! Even though I was paying my credit card bill in FULL every month, my credit score was still dropping 10 points here and there, …

Adulting: Surviving A Long Term Goal

How To Reach A Long Term Goal:Write the goal downKeep doing what you need to do to achieve the goalConstantly look up things that motivate you towards your goalA little competition never hurts!Speak the goal into existenceExpect to fail, but plan to succeed I made it! Holy crap, Batman! I survived Mental Health Awareness Month, and I have no idea how I kept pushing myself. I skipped lunch today to save the extra coins. Yes, you read that right. A co-worker had a snarky remark about it, but guess what? IDGAF! I have goals in my mind, and I'm keeping my eye on the prize. Summer 2018 is mine, and I can only hope that things are finally falling into place. Besides, it's not like I didn't eat anything. I just didn't order out. I saved my money. Call me cheap.

I don't know what the rest of the Summer holds for me, but I know I'm going places and making progress. It has been slow going, and I have been tried, tempted, and failed so many times. I don't know where …