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Wash Routine After 5 Weeks Sew-In

I think I could have went another week, but I was excited to try my new shampoo and conditioner duo by Camille Rose Naturals! Ok, so I can never take out my own sew-ins, and when I do, I always end up cutting over an inch of hair. So, my nice fiance always cuts out my hair for me. 💋💑

  • I rub my braids with a mixture of Coconut Oil and Rosemary Oil. I wrap a plastic bag on my head and let it sit for 15 minutes before I start to take down my braids. Also, I keep dipping my hand in the mixture as I take my braids down, less tangles.
  • I do not detangle or use a comb when I take my braids down. I usually let it sit for an hour or so without heat after I take the braids out, but I was feeling extra lazy, so I ended up sleeping with it.
  • I wash my scalp once with V05 Clarifying Shampoo, then I follow up with CRN Cleansing Rinse, then I apply the CRN Conditioning Custard in sections
  • I finger detangle first, then I use a comb to work out the rest of the dead hair and tangles. I don't deep condition this go round, again, laziness 😆
  • I wrap my hair in a t-shirt, but my hair doesn't take long to dry, I actually have to re-damp it
  • I apply Sweet almond oil, and then a styling butter
  • I grab the ends of my hair and kind of shake it, then I shake my head to get my curls to separate and clump where I need them to for a nice wash-n-go style

PS: I'm wearing the plastic bag under this wig!

I didn't use this conditioning pack this time, I wanted to, but got lazy

The end result! Love the curls and definition!

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