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I Used the LOC Method for a Week Straight

A twist-out after using LOC method I didn't fluff out


Backstory, shall we? I remember sitting in the chair at the salon getting crochet locs, and my stylist commented on how pretty my hair was. Why, thank you! Then she said my hair type was 4A. I remember feeling so offended, and I wanted to reach back and slap her. Ok, not really slap her, but I was pissed. I was pissed for a really long time. I first went natural back in 2006 (and twice after that, big chop and everything. Long story, another time...) This entire time I figured I was 3C. I was always under the impression the 4's had no definite curl pattern, and I definitely have a curl pattern, which is why I was initially staring daggers at my stylist. Then for a really long time I was like, 'do the hair types even matter'?

They matter. Guess what? I'm 4A.

I feel like I have been caring for my hair all wrong. I do the research, become a product junkie, and get a huge headache. My hair still continues to break off, be matted, and riddled with single strand knots. OMFG! Single strand knots are the death of me! Sometimes I want to chop off all my hair and start over again.

Not really. I'm just being dramatic.

Single strand knots, moisture, and length retention are my biggest problems. I'm super proud that I can even say that, and know what problems I have. I dyed my hair last year, and I still feel the effects of the dye. My hair has serious probs, so I want to handle them.
  1. Liquid- water mixed with Bella Curls Mist and Alba Botanica Conditioning Mist
  2. Oil- De La Cruz Sweet Almond
  3. Cream- Bella Curls Curl Defining Creme
My hair really doesn't like this method. I lose the moisture within the night. The cream is pretty decent, I re-wet and activate the cream on my strands. I do sleep on a satin pillow, but no, I don't drink a lot of water. I stopped taking my vitamins and no, I don't eat healthy. Which according to everyone does play a role. Right now, I am just focused on doing away with my three problems. So, on to the LCO method. Let's see if this works...


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