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Book Review: Dollhouse by Anya Allyn

{via Amazon Kindle}
This book is so friggin' suspenseful. The entire time I was on the edge of my seat as if I were watching a horror movie. The book got so suspenseful, that I had to put it down for a day. I did, because I wanted to know the truth right then and there!

So, we have main character Cassie from Miami, FL! I love references to FL, yay! Then we have Aisha, Lacey, and Ethan. They are doing a school project out in the woods. After a spat Aisha storms off and gets lost. So lost that once they go after her, it's like she completely disappeared. Since Ethan is her boyfriend police suspect him. Are they right to, or is he being framed?

There's a creepy mansion in the middle of the forest, but the police have already searched there from top to bottom and came up with nothing. So, Ethan decides he is going to go back into the forest to find his girlfriend and clear his name. Cassie and Lacey decide to help him.

Going inside the mansion, ok, no big deal right? They sne…

Vlog Magick v.4

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Currently Obsessed v.11

This cute little cactus audio splitter {via Amazon}
This embroidered patch {via Amazon}
Nostalgia alert with this viewmaster {via Amazon}
This Photographer's Playbook {via Amazon}
This detangling brush {via Amazon}
This rainbow beach blanket {via Amazon}
This key hook {via Amazon}
This chocolate donut mug {via Amazon}
This adorable cat watch {via Amazon}
This making honey print {via Amazon}

I Used the LOC Method for a Week Straight

LIQUID, OIL, CREAM. Backstory, shall we? I remember sitting in the chair at the salon getting crochet locs, and my stylist commented on how pretty my hair was. Why, thank you! Then she said my hair type was 4A. I remember feeling so offended, and I wanted to reach back and slap her. Ok, not really slap her, but I was pissed. I was pissed for a really long time. I first went natural back in 2006 (and twice after that, big chop and everything. Long story, another time...) This entire time I figured I was 3C. I was always under the impression the 4's had no definite curl pattern, and I definitely have a curl pattern, which is why I was initially staring daggers at my stylist. Then for a really long time I was like, 'do the hair types even matter'? They matter. Guess what? I'm 4A. I feel like I have been caring for my hair all wrong. I do the research, become a product junkie, and get a huge headache. My hair still continues to break off, be matted, and riddled with singl…

Project 365 (2018) : days 82-88

Product Review: Maybelline Vivid Matte Liquid

Does it look like I'm wearing matte lipstick? Oh, honey, that's because I'm not! I always have to learn the hard way when it comes to the expensive brands of make-up. Yes, at $8 Maybelline is my expensive drug-store brand for me. Guess what? I will not be buying another tube. How can they even market this as matte? It's a lip gloss at best. A translucent lip gloss at that.

It goes on smooth. It didn't dry my lips out. But this is NOT a matte liquid lipstick. I love matte lipstick. Even when it dries my lips drier than the Sahara, I still love the way it looks on me. I'm especially disappointed because I could have gotten two tubes of my go-to. But that's ok, Maybelline. Fool me once, but never again.

Netflix + Chill: Rick and Morty

How have I just now started watching this!? Don't judge me! I remember when it first came on Cartoon Network back in 2013, but I never watched it. I don't think I ever even tried to watch it. Then, miraculously one day it's the next video in my YouTube Red auto playlist and I let it play.

I let it play and it's so awesome!

Rick Sanchez is self proclaimed smartest guy in the galaxy. Well, all galaxies. Yet he finds himself living with his daughter and her family. Besides the point. Rick is amazing. A Grandfather to Morty who sometimes does not have his grandson's best interests at heart. Especially the fact he pulls him directly out of school every single time they go on an adventure to some strange planet, or some wave length of time.

I love adult animation, so I love the cursing. Like, a lot. Like, really really a lot. Morty has this weird voice that seriously had to grow on me. I seriously have to binge watch all the seasons because I need to know what's with…

Book Review: Six of One: Blackwing by DeAnna C. Zankich

(via Amazon Kindle)
It starts off with a bang, and from this first few pages we really see what Kellan can go through. The book itself kind of reads like a day by day of the main characters lives. I didn't like it at first, but the further into the book I got the style grew on me.

So, we have brother and sister Kathryn and Kellan. She's a spirit outcaster, which basically means she can pull a spirit out of a person. Kellan is a vessel, which means spirits can easily enter him. Without his sister to pull out the spirit, they would drain him of all his energy. They are bound together for life because of this, but they make it work without driving each other absolutely insane.

The dialogue is colorful. I love Kath, but Kellan rubs me the wrong way. Everyone in the book is drawn to him and his aura, but he doesn't do it for me. I know he's visual eye candy, though. The physical character description is done so well, you just know you would give into his boyish charms!

I l…

Currently Obsessed v.10

I'm so into this pine cone set {via Amazon}
This Van Gogh skater skirt {via Amazon}
This pretty floral wreath {via Amazon}
Do we even use flash drives anymore? {via Amazon}
I'm really into these cardboard taxidermy {via Amazon}
This cute pineapple purse {via Amazon}
This globe decanter {via Amazon}
These adorable cat pantyhose {via Amazon}
This sugar skulls coloring book {via Amazon}
This peacock headband {via Amazon}
This Kimono sleeve dress {via Amazon}