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Cyster Talk: Nutrition, Step 1

There are 6 steps to help alleviate the problems with PCOS, and Step 1 is always the hardest. Are you like me? Spend hundreds of dollars on different products that claim to help reverse your infertility, or will help boost your fertility? If so,


I know, easier said than done. But honestly, it can be done. We can do it together, because right now I am struggling with my Nutritional intake as well. When you start eating for nutrition and not to fill your belly, that's how you go down the right path. I'm so notorious for thinking that I can just ditch all the junk I've been eating my entire life and go clean 110% on day one. Nope. Not going to work. I mean, I ate a really gross meal last night, but it was packed with nutrition. I had leftover Knorr Teriyaki rice, I scrambled an organic egg inside of it, and added a handful of spinach. It was gross, but I forced it down. One, because I don't like to waste food, and two, because it was packed with nutrition.  

Another misconception is that you can't afford to eat clean. Oh, and let's make something very clear right now: there is a difference between eating "healthy" and eating "clean". With PCOS we are aiming to eat clean

I want to eat more fruits and veggies, so I buy canned fruit and canned veggies. That's healthy, right?

Nope, on so many levels. You gotta think BPA from the can liner, and if the can advertises BPA free, then guess what? You betcha they used another chemical that is just as worse, if not worse than BPA. Also, that can of fruit is going to be loaded with so many added sugars, just don't.

Rule of thumb? Stick with fresh and frozen. Now, if all your budget only allows for canned, then guess what? Still better than any other junk you could be eating in the store.

  1. Fresh
  2. Frozen
  3. Canned

Start simple. Make small changes weekly, until you get a better feel how to navigate. If you see Organic on sale, buy it! I bought a dozen large organic eggs last night for only $3.99, this coming from a person that is used to only spending $1 on her eggs at the Dollar Tree. I got a tub of Spinach for $2.50 that will last me a few days, or I could choose to freeze half the tub for smoothies or to use in eggs. I got cajun grilled chicken to add to my spinach for a salad at work, a splurge at $5.50. I spent less than $20 and I'm eating clean 👍👌😁

Weekly Challenge:

  • Eat oatmeal in the morning, don't add sugar
  • Drink water throughout the day
  • Add spinach to lunch and dinner
  • Buy the least expensive fruit + eat it every day

Also, I am still taking my Vitex in the morning, my one dose of Tribulus, and I just added Norwegian Cod Liver Oil (Vitamin Shoppe brand), because I found the bottle after cleaning. What are some things you're doing or planning on doing? Drop a comment below.


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