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Netflix + Chill: Black Panther Weekend!

Words cannot describe how awesome, awe inspiring, kick ass graphics, awesome fight scenes, epic writing, epic dialogue, super reaffirming positivism. Black Panther was just such an awesome movie, I've seen it twice in one weekend!

I'm not into comic books or into Marvel movies. I've watched X-Men and some Avenger movies, and of course Iron Man. Black Panther is so much more than just a comic book hero. It's so amazing to see strong, positive Black role models on TV. On the big screen! I saw it first in 3D, and then again in standard definition. Seeing the difference, I am really going to splurge on my TV when I move back home. I'm talking I want top of the line, because I love movies. But, I'm getting off track.

So, the movie is basically what would Africa be like if it were never colonized? It's rich in culture, it's rich in love. It's so much more than just Black power, I really feel like it's human power. The message is for everyone on this planet. We all started in Africa, we are brothers and sisters in the being that we are all humans. That's an awesome message for a superhero movie, wouldn't you agree?

The dialogue is spot on! It's witty, it's thought provoking, and there are tons of laughs! It's so important to see this movie, and that it exists. I'm hoping it does very well in the Box Office this weekend. It's important for Hollywood to know that Black casts make it on the big screen. We are more than just thugs, drug dealers, fatherless kids. We can be super heroes, and bad-ass bodyguards.

Stop reading this and go see it! Go see this movie! Black Panther gets a 10/10 for me. A++ all the way. Everything comes together so beautifully in this movie. The writing, the directing, costume design, it's all so beautiful. I mean, this movie makes you like the villain. Both of them!


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