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Adulting: Grocery Haul and Why I Love Aldi

I love Aldi.
No, let me repeat that for those who don't know how serious I really am about this love:
I love Aldi!

I drove to the Brooklyn location versus the closer Rego Park location because

  1. I don't like street parking
  2. I'm not paying $3 to park in a parking lot
  3. I do not know how to parallel park
  4. Did I already say how much I hate street parking?
{This box of cereal DID NOT come from Aldi!}

I feel like I got so much stuff and didn't really spend a lot of money. First off, it is super refreshing to be able to put something into my mouth and not realize later that the label says: "Produced with Genetic Engineering". Guess what? Just about everything on a shelf is GMO, even things you think are super healthy.

The drive wasn't too horrible, and I was coming from Long Island, roughly took 30 minutes top. I was chilling and vibing to some tunes in Polly, so the journey didn't bother me. I also planned my trip when I knew traffic wouldn't be too horrible.

I got to the store around 6ish, and spent around 45 minutes inside. There weren't too many customers, and the lines were not horrible. I seriously always enjoy my time in Aldi because I am just blown away by the prices. Now, don't get me wrong, not every single item in the store is priced well, but I know the staples are. I got a box of cereal for $1.19 and it is seriously the best sugary bowl of cereal I have eaten. I drank a cup of hot cocoa without adding sugar! That's a big deal for me, especially when I didn't add any extra sugar to my oatmeal either.

The reason the store can keep their prices rather low is because they sell their own brand of products, and for a shiny quarter you can get a shopping cart. Want your quarter back? Simply return the shopping cart from whence you got it from. Shopping experience? Always frigging amazing!

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