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Guest Author Cover Reveal: Mila Waters

Tittle: The DE- Evolution of Rydia Author: Mila Waters Genre: Fantasy / Horror Cover Design: Way To Love Design Release Date: TBD

I tried to remember a time I was considered normal. Fitting in with my friends both at home and at school, I wish I had known what destiny had in store for me.
I'm no longer normal. I have a gift. One that allows me to see things no one else can. I wanted to use this power for good, to help those in need. But fate had other ideas.
The more I try to hide, the less safe I become. They will find me. They will take what they believe is rightfully theirs. When they do, nothing will ever be the same.


AUTHOR BIO: An avid reader, single mother, and all around Superwoman, Mila Waters brings her love of creating dark fictional stories to the world. She is fascinated by gothic horror, psychology, and the paranormal, bringing those elements into her works, though they all hold a theme of finding love. She believes everyone, no matter how broken deserves to find …

5 Tips To Getting Through 'The Struggle'

Can I be frank? Can I be brutally honest? I'm nearing 32 and I am in no way, shape, or form close to being in life where I want to be. In society there are so many things we are supposed to have checked off by the time we are 30, and those goals seem so far away. One thing for sure?

You are at the place in life where you are supposed to be, no matter what.
Meaning? I feel like I am where I am supposed to be in order to advance into the next chapter of my life. I didn't get to this place overnight, and I'm not over the hill yet. So, what do you do when you still have so much more to go before you reach your goals and dreams? You just keep pressing on.

5 Tips To Getting Through 'The Struggle' Ask yourself what you want out of lifeWrite your goals down on paperWrite them again somewhere else!Share them with no one!Envision life when you reach your success I can't stress #4 enough! You already have enough going on in your life, you don't need a Debbie Downer muc…

Currently Obsessed v.7

This little elephant watering can {via Amazon}
tissue box that looks like a little house {via Amazon}
Ok, so this thug life doormat {via Amazon}
This little fox rug is adorable for nursery/office {via Amazon}
I'm really digging this succulent planter {via Amazon}
My Mama had a hanging planter similar to this! {via Amazon}
I'm really into this geometric wall decor
{via Amazon}
How awesome is this octopus candlebra !? {via Amazon}
This cute little passport holder {via Amazon}
How perfect are these pineapple lanterns for a chill patio bbq? {via Amazon}

Project 365 (2018) days 51-58

Retail Therapy: Walgreen's BOGO 50% off

So, there is nothing like some good ol retail therapy to kick the blues. I don't even know why I went into Walgreen's, to be perfectly honest out of boredom. I ended up coming out with this, and I have been dying to try it since I watched a video on it. Walgreen's is currently having another sale, and I had to scoop these up. The duo was only $18 instead of $24! I held off buying foundation, but I ended up buying a bottle. I feel so fancy, the bottle is gorgeous with a high end feeling. I only paid $12. I'm not too keen on Loose Change (the grey Liquid Catsuit), but I love the Black Radiance 5409. So, go ahead and paying top dollar for the same stuff, I only paid $3.50. 

Cyster Talk: 10 Tips to Beat the Funky Fogs

I'm in a funk. Feeling some kind of way because I don't really have an actual audience just yet. I keep blogging anyway, but I am losing my steam. I'm finding it hard to keep up with my blog routine. I know what I want to accomplish, it's just hard getting there. I tussle mentally with myself with what I want to share, how deep I want to get. There was a post, actually a couple of posts that I really wanted to share, because I know someone needed to hear my experience. To know they are not alone in this whole PCOS circle of darkness. But I know I have certain readers out there in my personal life that read this, and I'm not 110% comfortable with being completely vulnerable with my feelings. 

I'm currently 67 days late, which is very frustrating. Forget baby dancing, it would be nice to just be normal and flush my uterus of old, stagnant blood. That would be great. I'm feeling low. I'm feeling mentally overwhelmed. I know I should exercise, but I don…

Project 365 (2018) days 44-50

Currently Obsessed v.6

I can't wait to start taking photos again, love this Instax Mini {via Amazon}
These cat candles are quite morbid, but I love {via Amazon}
I'm definitely loving these faux Wisterias {via Amazon}
I love this bamboo keyboard {via Amazon}
These geometric boho lights {via Amazon}
These cat flats are too cute {via Amazon}
I need a new crossbody this one is cute {via Amazon}
I'm pining for warmer weather to wear these tropicana shorts {via Amazon}
I would wear this top with shorts or leggings {via Amazon}
I don't wear sneakers in the South, but I love these {via Amazon}