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Cyster Talk: Hair Removal Cream

Uggh! And super uggh! *SCREAM!* The dreaded hair, or hirsutism related to PCOS. Just absolutely ugh. It all started with a faint mustache in middle school, and it was only a few chin hairs by Freshmen year in high school. I don't know at what point my socially awkward teenage self decided it was a good idea to shave to avoid the bullying.

I have:

  1. Shaved
  2. Waxed
  3. Hair Removal cream
I have thought about laser hair removal, but the thought of laser beams against my already sensitive and messed up skin terrifies me. I will almost never do it. I am going on 32, so I am pretty comfortable with not trying to please people. Some women I know who suffer from hirutism, you wouldn't even know they have it because they stay on top of the extra hair growth. I on the other hand do not... I waxed once, NEVER AGAIN. She decided to wax my side burns, my mustache, my chin, my neck. I was horribly broken out in itchy, tender, red bumps for days. It was not worth the torture or pain.

I use this hair cream remover by Sally Hasen for years. The only time it irritates my skin is when I leave it on too long or have gone longer than a month without using it, yes I have done that. Again, I have just accepted my hirutism as a part of me and my PCOS symptoms. You know how I love bargains, so if you would like to buy in bulk, do so here! You can get six boxes! for only $26.33! 

Once on the train a girl came up to and asked me about my "beard" and what do I use, and she had a product she wanted me to try. She also told me that she gets laser hair removal and she loves it because it lasts for weeks.

Wait. I'm sorry weeks? That's not long enough for me, and the amount of money it costs! That's crazy.

Last Night:
You don't wax? I wax mine. It hurts like hell, but I can't go around looking crazy with hair all over my chin and neck. You should wax it and not use the cream, the wax will last longer.

I don't know whether to feel offended, or just shrug it off. Last night bothered me because I was just minding my business and shopping. I mean, I'm opening up with you guys and I feel no shame. Ok, so let's talk about the results. It stings, you can see the redness from after the process, but I'm hairless and I feel like a woman again. It feels like when you shave your legs for the first time after winter, ya know? Wait, you don't know because you shave your legs all winter? Oh...😖

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