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Vlog Magick v.1

Hmm, I don't know how many vlogs I will be doing, since it was kind of a pain. Not making the video, you can tell I was kind of nervous. Sorry about that! Also, this is kind of old, I made this New Year's Eve, and here we are 13 days into the New Year! Better late than never 😁

Ok, so in the video I am just speaking on the basis of my PCOS and challenging myself to make better and sound decisions on the supplements that I take, and the food that I eat. Food is always going to be a big issue for me, because PCOS is a food based illness, in my humble opinion. If I eat better my body will respond better to supplements.

A vicious cycle for me is always waiting to take my supplements until I am eating a clean or PCOS friendly diet. It's hard. I am almost never going to be able to eat clean or a 100% PCOS based diet. It's also not a good idea to jump head first into a PCOS based diet, it's better to just baby step it. Make gradual changes day by day. I ate Oatmeal Raisin cookies the other night, like 4 of them, and they were 130 calories a piece. Each! 😔😞😡😢

Those cookies were good though.

Am I disappointed? Of course. Is it a tragedy? No way. I kept myself from binge eating them again, but I am thinking about them. My fiance wants another tub of them tonight, and I'm like damn you. Temptation will be thick, but I know what my goal is. Besides overall female health, I want to be a friggin' Mom.

Got any tips? Drop me a comment below. 


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