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Adulting: Grocery Shopping

Soup for a rainy day in NYC. I think it's  more than time for a post while I wait for my soup to heat up on the stove. My local market had a sale on Progresso Soup, so I had to jump in on it. 12 cans of soup for $.75/per can. Couldn't skip a deal like that.

Eating healthy, or semi-healthy doesn't have to break the bank. You just have to know how to navigate the aisles, and know your budget. You know what you can and can't afford. Ingredients are a big thing I still struggle with. Reading the label is what I usually end up doing after I have already purchased the food and I'm home, curious as to what is actually inside what I am eating.

Eating should be about nutrients.

A lot of the soups I purchased are very misleading with their labeling. They claim to be healthy when they are not. You see "No Artificial Flavors added", but then the ingredient list is a mile long. It's daunting to say the very least. I only eat a can per day, due to the high sodium count. I'm just not going to pay $4 for a can of soup, when I can get several cans of soup for that price.

That's my budget.
But how much is my budget more important than my health?

Unfortunately, I am doing the most that I can right now. My local Stop n Shop is ridiculous when it comes to things that are healthy for you. I usually hit up all the sale items, it just works more for my budget.

Here are my tips for a good, healthy grocery haul:

1. Head to fruits and veggie sales first! Hit up the items with the big flashy sale signs, and work your way around. Pay close attention to things that are priced by the pound and per item.

2. Head to the Organic aisle. The stuff in this aisle is going to be priced outrageous, but there will be a few items here and there that are on sale. Splurge on your faves, but be modest.

3. Frozen veggies over can veggies. Head over the frozen aisle, your frozen veggies will be priced right around what the canned version will be anyway.

4. Oh, what's on sale in the AD!? I honestly like to see what is on sale in the AD before I even begin my journey, but these days, I'm not even buying what the AD is selling. This is still a good go-to before you begin your journey.

I usually spend about 2 hours inside the grocery store. I know, I know! I love grocery shopping, and I really like to make sure I do not miss any sales. Next week I plan a trip to Aldi, and I will take you with me. What is your favorite grocery store? How long do you spend on your grocery trip? Drop me a comment!


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