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Project 365 (2018) days 22-28

Currently Obsessed v.4

I'm currently reading this book.  {via Amazon Kindle}
I'm getting more into make-up, so how cute is this bag? {via Amazon Handmade}
Do you miss checking out books as much as I do? This brings nostalgia. {via Amazon Handmade}
These are perfect. I love all things Zodiac (I'm a Taurus/Gemini FYI) {via Amazon Handmade}
How hella adorable are these? They look so comfy. {via Amazon Handmade}
I'm seriously dreaming of home with these. {via Amazon Handmade}
I'm a sucker for stripes, even chunky ones. {via Amazon Handmade}
This delicate owl necklace.
{via Amazon}
I could write all day in this dress.
{via Amazon}
This dress is both casual and laid back. {via Amazon}

Netflix + Chill: Happy

Ok, so an employee where I work told me to check this one out. At first, I'm staring at the screen like what in the actual hell am I watching here? I don't know why, but I couldn't stop watching. Maybe it's the crazy drunken, drug induced haze the main character navigates life in. Maybe it's the cute little blue imaginary friend flying all over the place, or maybe the fact that even in my 30s I still think it's cool to hear to cuss words on regular TV. Who knows...

So, we've got Nick Sax who is an ex-cop turned hit man with a bad heart. No a literal bad heart, he has heart attacks like crazy in the first couple episodes. Basically a kid goes missing and her imaginary friend goes in search of someone to help her. Yes, you read that right, her imaginary friend goes off to find help. What's even crazier is that he actually finds help, our main character. So, now ensues the adventure of trying to find this little girl.

The kidnapper utterly terrifies me. T…

Product Review: Nature's Answer Black Cohosh

I won't sugar coat it behind a bunch of fancy words, but this product was absolute trash.
😠😠😠 I don't think I was paying attention while shopping, I'm horrible for reading labels. I've taken the entire bottle in less than two weeks, and have had absolutely NO RESULTS. No side affects what-so-ever. Remember earlier when I told you to be careful with taking Black Cohosh because it can make you loopy? Don't remember? You can find that post here
On my never ending holistic journey to maintaining my PCOS through herbs, I am finding out that QUALITY is much more valuable than QUANTITY. I wasted $13 that could have gone towards a much better quality brand, such as Herb Pharm or Natural Fertility Shop. I will be investing more money in these two quality brands. Check back soon for another Cyster Talk post, and I'll share what products I will purchase.

Currently Obsessed v.3

Can we just fall asleep on this now? [via Amazon]
The brick, but this floating TV console in this color. Yass! [via Amazon]
Aromatherapy is really big in my household. It helps tremendously. [via Amazon]
Have wanted to try a Himalayan Salt Lamp for a while, this one is stylish. [via Amazon]

I love Coastal Lake House design & decor, this sign is just perfect! [via Amazon]
Yes please! All things magick are a must! [via Amazon]
I'm trying to stay away from gray palette, but these tiles are gorgeous. [via Amazon]

Squee! How perfect is this pumpkin humidifier!? [via Amazon]

Not really a paperback person these days, but this bookshelf could change that. [via Amazon]

This mermaid jewelry box is just the cutest. [via Amazon]

Vlog Magick v.2

Ok, another vlog Woo! This one is a little lengthy coming in just under 10 minutes long. In this video I am just sharing with you what I am doing for the next 90 days in order to help alleviate my PCOS symptoms using herbs and tea. As I type this, I have missed two periods...again.


Yogi Peach Detox teaAlvita Raspberry Leaf teaVitamin Shoppe TribulusHawaii Pharm Vitex tinctureRainbow Light Prenatal VitaminsBlack Cohosh tincture Again, I apologize for repeating myself. I'm still getting the hang of this, sorry! In this video I will explain how I take the above herbs, tinctures, and teas. I may not keep up with everything on this list, but the Vitex and the Tribulus I do not miss a day.
I do not miss a day of Vitex or Tribulus.
I still struggle with drinking the tea, and I'm still having a hard time with my sugar intake. I did really good a couple days with no candy, sweets, soda. Things like that, but lately towards the weekend I started drinking soda, eating my fave peanu…

Project 365 (2018) : days 15-21

Netflix + Chill: The Magicians

The third season of The Magicians just started, and already I'm waiting on the edge of my seat every week for the next episode. I can't tell you how I got into this show, I just started watching it. Wow, now it's really going to bug me, but that's beside the point. I want to tell you to check out the show! You can check out the first season, because this is definitely not one of those shows you can just dive right into the third season.

In the first season we meet Quinton and his bestie Julia who go to this college of magic called Brakebills. Only catch? They have to take a rigorous test in order to get in, and one of them doesn't make it in. Quinton is obsessed with this made up world from a children's book that follows him from childhood into adulthood, but how made up is it?

I immediately fall in love with characters Margo and Eliot, the campus frat house king and queen.  You can also check out the second season, because once you're finished with season…

Cyster Talk: Hair Removal Cream

Uggh! And super uggh! *SCREAM!* The dreaded hair, or hirsutism related to PCOS. Just absolutely ugh. It all started with a faint mustache in middle school, and it was only a few chin hairs by Freshmen year in high school. I don't know at what point my socially awkward teenage self decided it was a good idea to shave to avoid the bullying.

I have:

ShavedWaxedHair Removal cream I have thought about laser hair removal, but the thought of laser beams against my already sensitive and messed up skin terrifies me. I will almost never do it. I am going on 32, so I am pretty comfortable with not trying to please people. Some women I know who suffer from hirutism, you wouldn't even know they have it because they stay on top of the extra hair growth. I on the other hand do not... I waxed once, NEVER AGAIN. She decided to wax my side burns, my mustache, my chin, my neck. I was horribly broken out in itchy, tender, red bumps for days. It was not worth the torture or pain.

I use this hair cr…