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Year End Review: 2017

This little space is becoming more and more special to me, as I am rekindling the love that was born for it back in 2010. Each year is definitely different than the previous year, and slowly but surely I am getting better at this whole "life" thing. Well, sort of. Let's reflect a little on 2017, shall we?

  • Writing. This year was a lot of behind the scenes adventure. I finished two manuscripts, and currently working on a third. That is unheard of ever for me. I usually take years to finish a single manuscript. I decided I wanted to take my writing more serious and think about delving into the world of being an Indie Author. With more research it turned out to be a lot more involved than people make it out to be. I am still yet to hire an editor, the very thought terrifies me. Honestly, I will not be looking to edit or publish until I finish my third manuscript on my zombies. I am even contemplating adding a fourth book, I know a novella is definitely in the back of my mind for my zombie crew.

  • Life. I am still a work in progress. Collectively I have found myself in NYC for over 5 years, and I generally have not enjoyed my time here. I have been working, saving, and just trying to make the best out of a bad situation. My heart has always been somewhere else, and the Rotten Apple just hasn't done it for me. Mentally I find myself in a good place. My relationship is  doing really well, I have a stable income, and my savings account is snail's pace growing.

  • Blogging. I have had this blog for over 7 years, and I always neglect it. I always have really awesome ideas, but they fizzle. Honestly my life plays a big role in how the course of my blogging goes. This was supposed to be centered around my writing career, but then I realized I have a lot in me I want to share. The thing is to find that little sparkle inside me that wants to keep sharing.

  • PCOS. As always with the syndrome, just when I think I am doing something right, it still isn't quite enough. I had the longest cycle I've had in a while coming in at 134 days. I just started taking Vitex tincture, and that takes at least 3 cycles to start working. Sometimes I miss a dose, like as I type this I remind myself I didn't dose this morning. So, I will double dose when I get home. It makes me feel better. I purchased Radiant Womb Oil, and you can get your bottle here! I used it twice, and the second time felt really good and relaxing. Product review on that after I use it consistently for 3 cycles straight.

  • Hair. I have fallen in love with crochet! I've gotten sew-ins, braids, and crochet this year. Sew-ins were my go-to hairstyle because I had a girl that would do it for me for $60 inside her home, and I would buy the $20 complete pack of weaves. The Summer this was super hot and irritating, and I hated cutting the thread out of my hair. I could never take this hairstyle out by myself, my fiance would always have to help me. Braids were expensive and the styles never lasted past 2-3 weeks without major frizz. I found a website, I don't even know how I found out about them. I wanted faux locs again, but I didn't want to pay the $150-$400 people charge, not including the $60-$80 for Marley hair. I purchased my Crochet hair from Hair So Fly Shop, found a stylist on Craigslist running a $60 deal, and the rest is history. I loved the hair and stylist so much, that I went in and ordered 21 packs of Crochet locs (enough for 3 hairstyles) for only $65! The hairstyle lasted 4 weeks, but I could have pushed another 2 weeks, but I wanted my hair to rest so I could go in and get the second go round for Crochet locs, this time individual. 😍😎😍 


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