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The Great Debate: Blogger vs Wordpress


I am determined to get this Blogger to work out for me, and customize it to my liking. I've had this blog for 7 years, going on 8. I still haven't managed to create an audience or keep up with blogging. Life is a tough cookie, besides my writing, I don't really get to be all too creative these days...

So, Blogger or Wordpress? Everyone always chooses Wordpress, or end up switching to Wordpress. More customization. Why did I choose Blogger? 7 years ago it was because I was already familiar with the Blogger setup. When I was in high school I was really into Graphic design and web design. Customizing HTML was no biggie and I did it all the time. Now, fast forward 15+ years and I don't know jack shit about customizing any kind of HTML.

So, why did I choose to stay with Blogger and not jump ship to Wordpress? Money. Plain and simple. This blog is only costing me $12/year through Google Domains. Plus, did I mention I love all things Google. I'm like a Google whore. I love everything Google. If I go over to Wordpress, which to be honest, I am considering it, I would have to dish out $100/year. Is customization really that important to me? Nope.

I searched through 334 pages of Blogger templates, chose around 20 or so that I really like and will use in the future. Today is the first snow in NYC, so I am watching it on the cameras at work. I'm freezing even with the heater, and now it's time to chow down on some Chinese take-out.

Which Blogging platform do you use? Drop links to your blogs in the comments below, I'm looking for inspiration!


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