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Plug: 8 Black Owned Skincare Companies

So, I am on a quest to find a new skincare regime. I only require 3 simple rules:

  1. Affordable
  2. Organic
  3. Easy Accessible
So, a quick Google search and I stumbled upon this article by Lisa a la Mode, "30+ Black-owned Skincare Companies To Support Today". It's not one of my "rules", but I do love supporting Black businesses when I can. To be frank and honest, a lot of the time I cannot afford their products. So, this is why her huge list was dwindled down to my tiny list of 8! Her list is worthy of checking out, if you have the coins, but I'm a gal on a budget.

My list of only 8 is geared towards my number 1 top priority: PRICE! Yes, price is usually a driving factor for me, and the ingredients are second.  From her list of 30, here is my list of 8 that I believe are economical and good on purse strings!

This was originally on the bottom of my browsing list and was going to be listed last, but I swiftly moved it to the top of my list. These prices are unbeatable! This Honey Cream bar I definitely want to buy for only $5! The facial wash bar is only $7! They also sell hair and body products as well. They will definitely be first on my shopping list.

This facial cream is priced at $10, which I love. With a name like that, I would definitely like to give it a try, since I have super dry skin in the winter. Nothing on the website is priced over $15, which is a huge super plus in my book! 

This daily face cream is priced at $9.49, and this bottle looks huge. It would probably last me a very long time which is awesome. I have used body wash from this brand that I bought from Vitamin Shoppe a long time ago. I will definitely look into purchasing this!

This is the higher end of my spectrum, but it made my list because it is $20. You will notice everything on my list is for products that are priced $20 and below, just about. This sounds lush, and so inviting. This would definitely be a splurge item for me, but I would definitely like to give it a try.

So, the facial moisturizer pictured is $16. It's from their Melanin Mama collection and they named everything and everything looks like it smells absolutely divine. With names like Tahitian Latte Scrub, Chocolate Creme Truffle, Apple Glazed Cinnabun who wouldn't want to indulge?

A duo will set you back $24, this facial moisturizer is $12. They have a lot of variety of products in their shop. They cover hair, body, and face. They even have baby products. 

Here's another skincare line on the high end of my price range. They make the list because they have a skincare collection with 3 products for $35. This hydrating facial serum is $19.95 for the small bottle. Again, this would be a splurge for me.

Ok, I will admit. I'm a sucker for any product with the word 'Magic' and it's only $10 (well, for a very tiny size. 2oz jumps to $30!) If you're not heavy handed small sizes run on the spectrum of $10-20, and the larger sizes run right outta my price range. Still, I would definitely like to give them a try.


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