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Book Review: The Last Black Unicorn by Tiffany Haddish

My first book review for the last day of 2017! I knew I wanted to start doing book reviews, and I originally was only going to do Indie Authors, but then I came across this gem. I had a $5.00 credit with Amazon Kindle, and again, I was going to support some Indie Authors, but I wanted this book so bad! I don't even know how to do a proper book review, so I'm going to have to Google it! 😜

I legit read this book in two days! I couldn't put it down. I loved it! It reads a lot like Tiffany is sitting down with you after a nice dinner, she's comfortable with you after a couple glasses of wine, and boom! She lays her life story out to you. Both the good and the bad. The book is written as if she is talking to you, curse words and all. There is a lot of cursing, but this didn't bother me. It's how she talks. 

She struggled, she lived in a Geo Metro. But she also lived in a house her Grandmother owned. Her Grandmother kicked her out when she turned 18, since she wasn't getting anymore State funds for foster care. I couldn't imagine living with my Mother with a brain injury, but she never gave up on her Mother, no matter how crazy she got.

Get ready to laugh, A LOT! I made the mistake of reading the Roscoe chapter at night while my partner was sleeping. It was so hard not to burst out laughing, I had to stifle laughs the entire time. The description is vivid, you can really picture it in your head! The Roscoe chapter is my favorite chapter in the entire book.

The Titus chapter is a good one, but it's also kind of crazy. Tiffany finds herself in a lot of crazy and not so great relationships. Bad relationships one after another. The Ex-Husband chapter, I seriously had to take a break. After I read that chapter, I mentally needed a break because it was so messed up. The marriage was full of abuse, and seriously creepy how she even met him! One part there are in Canada, and it reads a lot like I am watching the movie, "What's Love Got To Do With it". The scene when Tina Turner is running down the street all bloody face to get away from a bad fight with Ike.

The main focus of this book is touching on the experiences of her life. She tells you the nitty gritty of the Comedy world, her origins, and how she got to where she is today. She gives a lot of insight and hope in how to accomplish and make your dreams come true. It's not always going to be sunshine and rainbows, but you can find your inner unicorn through the thick of things. 

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