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Adulting: Alternative Heat

I live in New York City. I'm from Florida, born and raised. To cut back on bills this Winter, hopefully my last Winter in NYC, I decided to do things a little different. I went out and bought a Kerosene heater just like the one from my FL childhood. The only thing? I am seriously regretting this purchase...

So, initial start-up cost: $185. That included:
  1. DuraHeat Heater
  2. 2 gallons of Klean Heat
  3. 1 bottle of Vanilla treatment

I'm at the register thinking it's not so bad. Home Depot has the gallons a little pricey for $11/gal, but I'm still excited about my purchase. I don't really like making big purchases these days, and this was kinda a big deal. But I was tired of seeing my breath every night when I got home from work.
My Bearby was late for work by getting it all set-up for me. I thought I could do it on my own, but when he took it out the box I was so happy I didn't even try to touch it! I'm so not a hands on person. He gets it up and running in maybe 45 minutes or less, I wasn't timing. I was cooking lunch.


Ooh, do you feel that? I am so flipping warm right now. Ok, it's been on a couple hours. I'm nice and toasty and ready to head out for the day to complete my errands. I come back and my room is still nice and toasty. That's a plus. But I used an entire gallon on 4 hours of low usage. As I type this I have used both gallons and it's only been two days. Bummer, real bummer, because this stuff is super expensive!

Ok, gas stations are supposed to sell it for around $4/gal. Is the gas station going to burn this clean? I get virtually NO SMELL at all, and that's a major plus for me. So much of a big major plus, that I am thinking of biting the bullet and continuing to purchase the mucho expensive gallons from Wal-Mart, hopefully, where it is $9/gal. Only drawback is that I am using this stuff pretty much a gallon per day.

$9 x 7 days= $63
$63 x 30 days= $252

That's a lot of money, but still considerably cheaper than my gas bill. I have also found a company that actually delivers this Kerosene stuff right to my door step in a 50 gallon drum for only $3.15/gal, which would be around $160! Now that to me kiddos, sounds like a MUCH better deal. I get paid next Friday, so I will be contacting Paragon Oil in Brooklyn to work out the details. I figure I will only need the one drum for the entire Winter, or I may have to purchase 2. For now, adulting leaves me with a trip to Wal-Mart or Home Depot in order to buy some more gallons to warm me up until next week.

My final thoughts? I love the heater! I have even finally taught myself how to operate it, and I have no problem with spending $11.95 (includes tax) on a single gallon. I'm not going to lie, it does burn quite a lot of fuel even on the lowest setting, and I feel like the lowest setting should be lower. I love the heat it gives off and I love the light it gives off, too. Enough to light the room, but not too much to disturb sleeping. Yes, I run it while sleeping for an hour or so, but this is highly dangerous. Carbon Monoxide poisoning is a major concern for me since I purchased it.  We have two windows and open both of them if we do this, and it's still considerably warm in our room. I still may contact the company about the 50 gallon barrel, but I have concerns of the quality, which is why I continue to pay for the $12 gallons 💀😔


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