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Book Review: The Last Black Unicorn by Tiffany Haddish

My first book review for the last day of 2017! I knew I wanted to start doing book reviews, and I originally was only going to do Indie Authors, but then I came across this gem. I had a $5.00 credit with Amazon Kindle, and again, I was going to support some Indie Authors, but I wanted this book so bad! I don't even know how to do a proper book review, so I'm going to have to Google it! ๐Ÿ˜œ

{via Amazon Kindle}
I legit read this book in two days! I couldn't put it down. I loved it! It reads a lot like Tiffany is sitting down with you after a nice dinner, she's comfortable with you after a couple glasses of wine, and boom! She lays her life story out to you. Both the good and the bad. The book is written as if she is talking to you, curse words and all. There is a lot of cursing, but this didn't bother me. It's how she talks. 
She struggled, she lived in a Geo Metro. But she also lived in a house her Grandmother owned. Her Grandmother kicked her out when she turned…

Year End Review: 2017

This little space is becoming more and more special to me, as I am rekindling the love that was born for it back in 2010. Each year is definitely different than the previous year, and slowly but surely I am getting better at this whole "life" thing. Well, sort of. Let's reflect a little on 2017, shall we?

Writing. This year was a lot of behind the scenes adventure. I finished two manuscripts, and currently working on a third. That is unheard of ever for me. I usually take years to finish a single manuscript. I decided I wanted to take my writing more serious and think about delving into the world of being an Indie Author. With more research it turned out to be a lot more involved than people make it out to be. I am still yet to hire an editor, the very thought terrifies me. Honestly, I will not be looking to edit or publish until I finish my third manuscript on my zombies. I am even contemplating adding a fourth book, I know a novella is definitely in the back of my mind…

Retail Therapy: Skin After Dirty Thirty

I put the "combo" in combination skin. I have this crazy myriad of skin at the age of 31, that I am just now noticing.

Apparently, I have blackheads on the tip of my nose ๐Ÿ˜ทDark circles around my eyes ๐Ÿ˜ทSevere dry patch around my mouth ๐Ÿ˜ทZits here and there (I'm 31, isn't acne lame at this age!?) ๐Ÿ˜ทAnd thanks to my sweet PCOS, a beard & mustache to complete it all ๐Ÿ˜ทIsn't getting older just grand? To be completely honest, this isn't a post to make myself feel crappy about my skin. This is me opening up because body positivity is important. Yes, my skin is less than ideal, but it can be corrected and helped. Actually, the real reason behind this post is because with this harsh NYC cold weather I became more concerned about my skincare regime, or lack thereof...

My skin is pretty jacked.

Rather than wait later, I decided to do something about it now. So, I went out and purchased some skincare products. Now, I am really picky about what I put on my hair and m…

Adulting: Alternative Heat

I live in New York City. I'm from Florida, born and raised. To cut back on bills this Winter, hopefully my last Winter in NYC, I decided to do things a little different. I went out and bought a Kerosene heater just like the one from my FL childhood. The only thing? I am seriously regretting this purchase...
So, initial start-up cost: $185. That included: DuraHeat Heater2 gallons of Klean Heat1 bottle of Vanilla treatment

I'm at the register thinking it's not so bad. Home Depot has the gallons a little pricey for $11/gal, but I'm still excited about my purchase. I don't really like making big purchases these days, and this was kinda a big deal. But I was tired of seeing my breath every night when I got home from work. My Bearby was late for work by getting it all set-up for me. I thought I could do it on my own, but when he took it out the box I was so happy I didn't even try to touch it! I'm so not a hands on person. He gets it up and running in maybe 45 mi…

Plug: 8 Black Owned Skincare Companies

So, I am on a quest to find a new skincare regime. I only require 3 simple rules:

AffordableOrganicEasy Accessible So, a quick Google search and I stumbled upon this article by Lisa a la Mode, "30+ Black-owned Skincare Companies To Support Today". It's not one of my "rules", but I do love supporting Black businesses when I can. To be frank and honest, a lot of the time I cannot afford their products. So, this is why her huge list was dwindled down to my tiny list of 8! Her list is worthy of checking out, if you have the coins, but I'm a gal on a budget.

My list of only 8 is geared towards my number 1 top priority: PRICE! Yes, price is usually a driving factor for me, and the ingredients are second.  From her list of 30, here is my list of 8 that I believe are economical and good on purse strings!

Bubble Bistro This was originally on the bottom of my browsing list and was going to be listed last, but I swiftly moved it to the top of my list. These prices are u…

Adulting: Reading The Fine Print

I knew Winter was approaching, but I knew I needed to do some type of exercise. I knew in the back of my mind with a foot of snow outside there would be no way in hell I was getting out of my comfy bed to go workout. I could have easily did some Pilates in my room, but I kept reading that lifting weights is good for PCOS. So, what do I do?

I join a gym. I join Planet Fitness. I get the Black Card so it follows me to FL. $22.98/mn isn't a lot. Right? Add in $40.76 for "Annual Fee". Ok, let's break this down...
I didn't read the fine print on my electronic contract. I really did not understand and know what the heck I was getting myself into. There was a lot of fine print red tape that I didn't read because honestly I didn't think getting to the gym would be a big deal for me.  This is a 12 month contractIn order to break this contract there is a $58 "Buy-out Fee"In order to break contract you must provide in writing 7 days before your gym fees are d…

Cyster Talk: St. John's Wort

Ok, so let's talk about the Winter Blues, or how about the all year blues? My entire life I suffered from some sort of deep sadness and often times borderline depression. Yesterday was one of those depression days. I felt utterly low. My personal journal entry was appalling. The terminology I used, the words that were being expressed from my pen severely shocking.

We don't always have to have our shit together every single day, and that's ok. It's ok to have bad days, good days, or really low days. You also don't have to deal with it, or take an "ride it out" approach to your PCOS induced depression. As you read my blog you will notice that I am an advocate for all things natural. I am a firm believer that whatever ails you, nature has a cure for it. St. John's Wort is that cure for me.

I use everything in tincture form, especially for this, because I want to feel ease of my symptoms as soon as I can. I take a dropperful when I feel myself tipping ov…

The Great Debate: Blogger vs Wordpress


I am determined to get this Blogger to work out for me, and customize it to my liking. I've had this blog for 7 years, going on 8. I still haven't managed to create an audience or keep up with blogging. Life is a tough cookie, besides my writing, I don't really get to be all too creative these days...

So, Blogger or Wordpress? Everyone always chooses Wordpress, or end up switching to Wordpress. More customization. Why did I choose Blogger? 7 years ago it was because I was already familiar with the Blogger setup. When I was in high school I was really into Graphic design and web design. Customizing HTML was no biggie and I did it all the time. Now, fast forward 15+ years and I don't know jack shit about customizing any kind of HTML.

So, why did I choose to stay with Blogger and not jump ship to Wordpress? Money. Plain and simple. This blog is only costing me $12/year through Google Domains. Plus, did I mention I love all things Google. I'm like a Google whore.

Cyster Talk: Multivitamins

Let's face it, we don't eat 110% healthy everyday or all the time. We have cheat meals, eat chocolate when it calls to us, and you know what? That's ok. Everything is ok in moderation. With PCOS our bodies need supplementation for the things that go out of whack and to keep them on track. It's very important to supplement your diet with a daily multivitamin. I choose to take a Prenatal vitamin both for cost, and because I would like to TTC again in the immediate future.

So, which vitamin is best? Steer clear of drugstore vitamins. Stay away from Walgreens or Wal-Mart, those value brands are just not good and full of junk fillers. Stick with a Whole Food Multivitamin, the ones you find at Vitamin Shoppe, GNC, or Vitamin World. So, what brand do I take?

Rainbow Light Prenatal One
It doesn't say Whole Food, but it is food based. I ultimately chose this one due to cost and the fact that I only have to take one instead of taking four like other brands. Of course Megafoo…

Retail Therapy: ZTE Blade ZMax

I got my phone!!! After months and months of waiting, I finally got my new phone. I usually get a new phone every year, because honestly, I think Metro PCS phones are only built to last a year. I'm also very happy with Metro PCS service, and I have had both Sprint and Verizon. I have had Metro PCS for over a decade now I am sure. My previous HTC was on the fritz for a long time, even before the year mark. There are things I will miss about that phone: Themes!Custom Ringtones!Dual speakers! With the ZTE the factory wallpaper and ringtones are HORRIBLE. Just absolutely horrible. It looks like I have to download some kind of launcher just to get customize icons or themes, so I really miss the HTC market. This phone screen is glorious and crisp! And guess what? I can hold it with only one hand! Which is a plus for me, because I love to snap selfies, and reading on the go.

I'm actually super bummed that it is so complicated in order to customize it, like I said, coming from HTC wher…