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Day Trip: Rockaway Beach, NY

Taking a breather is important these days. It’s very easy to get trapped in the rat race of life and forget to actually live. That has been the case for me for about 3 years straight.
  • I go to work
  • I come home
  • I pay my bills

End of story. I have to keep reminding myself that this will not always be the case, and I am working my butt off to get out of this way of “life”, but it is going to take time. So, in the meantime, it is very important to get away. I needed the breather, and it only cost me $20.50. I have a 7 day unlimited Metro card for work, and I got hungry so I ate dinner at a little spot called Rippers right on the beach.
Hamburger- $7.50
French Fries- $4.00
Beach Juice -$9.00

Rippers is a spot right on the beach that plays 70’s tunes and has a nice, relaxing beachy vibe. The hamburger was delicious. You can add your own mayo, mustard, or ketchup. They also added their own house sauce and it was good. The fries were tossed in their own spices, I wasn’t a big fan. The fries were too crispy for me. I’m a light weight drinker, and their Sangria called, “Beach Juice” didn’t even give me a buzz. Would I eat there again? Nope. Do I want you to eat there? Yes, just to say you did. Plus, it’s right on the beach! I went on this “trip” solo and couldn’t imagine paying $41.00 to eat a burger and fries. They also have canned beer, hot dogs, smoothies, soda. It’s all quick bites.  

The beach was everything I needed and I cannot wait to go back. It was the perfect way for me to bring in the first day of Fall. The sound of the waves, not a lot of people were around, it was superb. That is, until the sand flies started to eat me alive. I honestly stayed on the beach for less than an hour and the flies were relentless. Even while I was eating dinner they were biting me. The beach has showers and bathrooms, I love beaches that provide that. 

What are some inexpensive ways that you like to relax? Do you relax at home or are you like me and need to see a new place and have a change of scenery?

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