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Day Trip: Rockaway Beach, NY

Taking a breather is important these days. It’s very easy to get trapped in the rat race of life and forget to actually live. That has been the case for me for about 3 years straight. I go to workI come homeI pay my bills
End of story. I have to keep reminding myself that this will not always be the case, and I am working my butt off to get out of this way of “life”, but it is going to take time. So, in the meantime, it is very important to get away. I needed the breather, and it only cost me $20.50. I have a 7 day unlimited Metro card for work, and I got hungry so I ate dinner at a little spot called Rippers right on the beach. Hamburger- $7.50
French Fries- $4.00
Beach Juice -$9.00

Rippers is a spot right on the beach that plays 70’s tunes and has a nice, relaxing beachy vibe. The hamburger was delicious. You can add your own mayo, mustard, or ketchup. They also added their own house sauce and it was good. The fries were tossed in their own spices, I wasn’t a big fan. The fries were too…

The Great Debate: Facebook Profile or Page?

I have both and I will tell you why.
Actually I have three Facebooks to keep up with! Yes, I said three.

My personal
My Author profile
My Author page

Why? First off, I write under a pen name. So, to use my personal page with a public author page just didn't make much sense to me. Another thing, I am completely different sometimes on my personal page. As in split personality. I'm not even kidding. I am a guarded and reserved introvert, but sometimes I have my moments where I would like to keep it cute and professional. To frankly put it, sometimes I lose my sh*t over personal things meant for my personal profile.

One thing that was bugging me with my personal profile was not being able to share posts from public sites to my author page. I did not want to set my personal profile to public. So, after some Googling I created an author profile. I didn't like the idea for a couple days, that is until an author whom I followed on my personal page sent me a friend request!

I panic…

Let's Check-in

I don't want to completely abandon my space here, so let's catch up shall we? How is everyone doing? How are you feeling? What are you currently reading/writing/making?

I am still currently at my day job and of course I hate it. I am currently in the works of trying to transition into working from home, but the finances it takes to do so takes time, energy, and agonizing TIME 😭 The time is killing me, but patience is a virtue. Isn't that what they say?

I have finished book one, it still needs to be professionally edited. I have finished book two, I still need to type it up. I am currently working on book three, it is going well. 

I will not move on to the next project until I am complete with writing the trilogy. I am anxious and already thinking about the next project: witches. I also still have a drug dealer to finish, a stripper to finish, and a heroin addict to finish 😰

I am still hording my manuscripts, but I am excited to let my voice be heard. It takes money, and …