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Wordlust: Bitter Life

Bitter Life 8/20/17

I had no idea I had that kind of affect on you
Like an opiate
I am a drug
Everything I touch I destroy
Would you believe me if I said it?
Can't deny it
Satisfy it
It was bliss
The feelings I know you miss
The love that is dissed
I know I left you feeling pissed
Taken away
Burned and shattered
I killed everything that ever mattered
Tainted, raped, and scorned
Rejoice in love that was never born
I never knew it would be your life
I never knew I would be your strife
I cut and hacked at the lies with a knife
I laughed the laugh of one thousand demons
I cackled at the sight of you swallowing semen
I never knew that you were never through