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Catastrophe! My book is lost!

FML!! I cried. I researched and came up with NOTHING! It is gone. All gone.

50% my fault, and 50% Microsoft's fault!

My writing set up:
Microsoft Word Android App
Microsoft OneDrive upload
on my Asus ZenPad 10

And that's it. I didn't backup to Google Drive, didn't have a copy of the file (not that I knew of), NOTHING!

My tablet hasn't been on Wi-Fi in months, since December when I finished the book. I had been doing all of my edits offline, but in an online file. So, what happens when I finally connect to Wi-Fi???

OneDrive reverts my edited file back to the damn last online file from December!!

This is a horrible Microsoft glitch and I HATE them for it. I was thinking that my edits would upload and replace the outdated file. WRONG! I still don't understand fully why OneDrive did that, but

Thank God I wanted to hear my book read out loud to me, so I copied it to the Asus SuperNote program months ago(which doesn't read ou…

Hording, but Writing

I'm hording my manuscripts and I am perfectly OK with this. I finished my own edit of Book 1, and I am slowly getting over my writing funk with Book 2. In the past 4 days I have handwritten around 21 pages, which is good for me.

I was at a standstill with Book 2, but I'm happy the ideas are finally coming to the surface. I still have not mastered the skill of outlining an entire book, I'm still a go with the flow kinda gal 😁

Why am I not moving further with self publishing Book 1? I am not ready to invest the time or money, and I don't want to rush just for the sake of having something out there. Another writer did that and the work was poorly formatted and riddled with typos.

I don't want that to be me ever.

I'm anal about my work and that's a good thing. I honestly may not release an e-book until 2018, and I am just fine with that.

Have you put any of your projects on hold? For how long?

Today I am 31

What happened to me? I lost my momentum. I finished Book 1 in January, and didn't finish editing until a week or so ago. Now I am stuck in limbo. I want to do a final read through, but I don't love my book. I want to read it and love it, but I don't.

I honestly think it is a stalling tactic on my side. I don't really have the money to pay an editor right now, but I do want to move forward with that step. I want to be excited, but unfortunately I am losing the ebb.

I don't feel good about it.
Today I am 31 years old, but honestly just feels like another day. Well, it is just another day 😔

I want to spoil myself and order my book cover, but I am trying to be better with money. I am trying to save more...

So what am I doing? I'm on a stalemate on Book 2, and I don't know if I have a third in me, but I know I do. I am just so ready to move on to the next project, something darker and gritty. I am thinking about moving on to my witch series, but I don't kn…

Miss May I: 31 Days of JM, Days 2-6

I have finished about the fifth edit of my novel, and I am finally getting to a point where I am only changing words. I am finally getting to a point where I can read it through without deleting entire paragraphs. I was not afraid to do so, and I was very open to changes, which is so unlike me.

I'm currently at my weekend job listening to Pearl Jam, eating oatmeal, and researching for the little details. So, with my new research there will be other things I have to change.

Writing is editing.
I have spent so much time into making sure this novel is the very best part of me. I have 2 more read through before I send it off to a professional editor. I finally get paid next Friday and I am so excited to finally get my cover designed. I have an idea in mind, and I hope they can convey it perfectly.

I have loved the process, and I'm only half way finish, with much more to come!

Miss May I: 31 Days of JM, Day 1

So, for the month of May I like to post a photo a day. This is my favorite month, besides October.
I'm going to be 31 this month. My life isn't going as I would have hoped it would have been, but still I cling on to hope...

My job is pretty low key for the most part. I like working the overnight because I have been working on Book 2. I usually catch up on my shows or do a little reading, and listen to music. I had to work 16hrs straight and now I'm working a 12HR shift. I am pretty tired and just ready to go home and crash.

So, I'm not done with editing book 1 😱💀 I have to rewrite the Prologue, for the third time. I was angry with my fiance for trying to change my storyline, but he was kind of right. The way I crafted the prologue was not for the book I have written.

So guess what!?

On my way walking to work from the train, the entire prologue plays in my head. And I love it! It still introduces my character, it makes sense, and follows the overall theme of my book.…