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Progress Post: Edit Complete

69,255 words151 pages13 chapters

I am pretty confident with the work that I have. I am working now, making more money than before. I will be sending my manuscript to an affordable professional editor is 2-3 weeks when I get my first paycheck!

I am both excited and nervous. I am anxious to finally get my work out. I will be resuming my work on book 2 of the trilogy. I would like to finish reading it out loud to my fiance, because I am sure I will find other little things I want to change.

I was wondering if I needed to change the location. I both used common names from the Jamaica Queens area, but the city it takes place is completely fictional. Can I do that? I am writer, I can do whatever I please, but I would also like to be accurate.

 Next step? Editor and then getting an e-book cover design and then I will do an official release! Fingers crossed.

Wordlust: Bare

I let God strip me bare
Down to my bones
The pain
The suffering
These are feelings you never want to clone
I've gone without things you couldn't imagine
I've endured things only made up of your nightmares
I let God take away until I had nothing

Progress Post: Edit No. 4

I'm feeling overwhelmed. When I think I am ready to move on to the next step, I am not. I started to read my manuscript out loud to my fiance, and it sounded kind of long and boring. He had questions, which was good. It meant he was really listening to me.

I need it to be more engaging in this first chapter. There is even a back story on a character I am thinking about scrapping because I do not know whether it hinders the story or adds to it. What I thought was an interesting way to open the book up, may not be as impressive as I thought.

He loves the dialogue, some of it. I tweaked it more today. I wrote a script once in film school and it forever changed my writing style. I like lean and to the point, with colorful dialogue. It's hard for me these days to say what I want you to see or feel.

I have literally spent an entire day only editing 5 pages of Chapter 1 alone. I am seriously considering thinking about cutting out the Prologue. This is why I don't do deadlines an…

Progress Post: Edit No. 3

So, on January 24, 2017 I finished book 1 of my Zombie trilogy. I just finished my 3rd edit, and I would like to do a 4th edit before I send it off to a professional editor. I am currently at 70,635 words for book 1, and I would like to cut more unnecessary things out. I have finally realized that getting your idea out is only half the battle.

Writing is honestly RE-writing!

Everything is going good with me taking my writing more seriously. I made a list of projects I am currently working on, what I need to finish, and ideas I need to start. I have a list of 19 projects!

I don't set deadlines because I don't like the pressure. This is honestly the reason why I have not released anything just because I know how I work, and it would/could be FOREVER before I would release another novel.

That is changing. I make myself write everyday, if not every other day, and I am seeing progress. I aim to finish Chapter 6 on book 2. I will have a Playlist coming next for you guys. I don't…

Wordlust: Shame

I can smell the shame on myself
I feel the weight of the world weighing me down
I walk the streets aimlessly
Lost like some little girl
I have allowed to let myself be lead down this path
I have allowed myself to be thrown into the belly of the beast
I let a little boy lead, and now I found myself so far deep
How the hell am I suppose to dig myself out of this?
Doom and gloom
You claim hard lessons will make you into the perfect groom
I call bullshit
Yet, I can't turn away
So, I am apart of the shit
I have allowed myself to be thrown in the darkness
Truth be told, I even prayed for it
Begged God to be in this place
Be careful what you wish for
They say bad times are only for a moment
Can five years be considered a moment?
I guess, compared to a lifetime
I can still smell the shame on myself


I have now completed two full weeks of being jobless. Job hunting in NYC is a job in itself. Not to mention unlimited Metro cards went up, and my funds have way passed depleted. I thank God that my fiance works security on the weekends, but he hates it, and doesn't want to do it anymore. I never thought I would go two full weeks without working.

But I had to leave. That job was not rewarding.

Honestly, I will never be happy working in the corporate world, but for the time being, it is how I eat. I am actually planning to work two full time jobs because I want out of New York City as of five years ago. In order to make my future bright and secure I will have to work myself half to death, because that's my "American Dream".