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Today makes an entire week I have been jobless from Corporate America. Only the past two days or so have I gotten outta my funk and really focused on writing book 2 of my zombie trilogy. You are getting this post because I am quite pleased with how the events are streaming outta me on to paper 😁
So, I wasn't fired. I just stopped showing up. I had been trying to escape the clutches of that job for months and was finding it difficult to go on interviews and still maintain with missing those days from my paycheck. So, after an incident that bothered me so badly, was just the shove I needed to push myself out of the door. I did this hastily because I was told I could land another much much better paying job within a couple days. That didn't pan out, story of my life.

I'm not in panic mode just yet, I'm saving that for next week. I believe NYC is one of the worst paying job markets I have lived it. Atlanta was the best. I just expect so much more from this city and I am a…