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Dear Reader,

I was finally getting to a place where I could balance my work and my writing. I have always been a person to put things before me, especially things near and dear to my heart. In this instance, it would be fiance, again. I find myself at a very hard time in my life. I usually keep this blog pretty personal free, but this is all me, love it or hate it. I am at crossroads where I can't further the release of my debut novel this Spring, but I am in no way shape or form not doing some form of creative writing.

This is what usually happens in my crazy little life, which is why I never really make plans, I just live, live, live. I'm always doing things on the fly, because I either change my mind, or life happens and changes my mind for me. It's a crazy little existence my little corner of the world. You would think I would have all my shit together at the age of 30, but I don't. I will be 31 in May, and I can only hope things fall into place this Summer.

The th…

Wordlust: Boom

Crash, crash
I always watch the fall before it happens
So why does it still hurt so horribly?
Who am I?
Where am I?
Why am I here?
Are these the questions I should really be asking myself?
What's next?
Fuck what's next
I sit in the cold until the pain is numb to me
Dumb to me
I never realize how this got to be
Love sending me on this messed up journey
Pain reminding me I'm alive
Do I even want to be?
What's to become of me?

Currently Obsessed v.1

So, it's no big secret that my current manuscript is about ZOMBIES. I've always been partial to vampires, but work has me pretty much obsessed with Zombies these days. So, tonight I added to my Amazon wishlist:

These awesome Zombie Hunter Airsoft Pistols ❤

These awesome iCandy Combat Zombie targets ❤

My birthday is coming quite soon in May! One of my characters actually gets a Zombie BB gun as a present in my manuscript. Do you ever write things in your novels that are true to yourself?