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Finally! My intranet presence seems to be getting a little better. I literally spent all day while I was at work customizing HTML and CSS. The contact form is what really kicked my butt. Blogger really needs to let us put widgets on pages and not just the sidebars. I am happy with the turn out. Everything is finally falling in to place, only a few more things to tweak, but no time soon. I'm still not quite sure how I am going to style my 'Playlists' page, but I feel I have enough content. Of course things will be popping more around here once I release my debut novel.

I love the flowers(and moon!), something quite magical about them. I'm going with a flowers theme since I used my own flower photos on both my Facebook and Google+ pages. The beautifully, haunting images I am using now came from photographer, Hans Benn. Check out his Google+ page for more of his stunning work.

Progress Post: Complete

So, I finished my debut novel. I got excited for about 5 minutes. How did I celebrate? I promptly got on to book 2 in the trilogy. This isn't the first manuscript I have ever finished, and I guess I'm not thrilled because I still have so much more process to go until it is a complete package. I actually had about 7 written pages left of book 1, but something just said: stop.

Right now:

162 pages71,375 words

In my regular world, I had a really rough day. I decided to take a day off from my 9-5(shouldn't have because I am the epitome of starving artist right now), but it was wasted because I got lost on the way to the interview. I had a total, blubbering like a little toddler melt down. I hate navigating public transportation from Queens to Nassau. This Southerner is still have issues adjusting to life in NYC . The fast paced rat race fills me with gloom and doom 😔

Instead of letting the frustration and anxiety get to me, as I usual do, I got to writing. I wrote all day as if …

Progress Post: Deadlines?

I haven't really been pacing myself all too well in order to make my personal deadline, but I know that I will make the deadline. So, here's the rundown:

I have 49 pages left to typeI currently have a little over 54,000 wordsIt takes me about 2-4 hours to type 10 pagesI have 4 more character stories to unfoldI have 2 chapters to finish

I would consider my hand written notebooks my first draft. My typed version is my second draft. I am going to print a hard-copy once I am completed typing, then edit from there. All of this, and I still do not have a title I comfortable with.

I thought it was pretty cool the part of the book I am currently typing was written Jan 19, 2016 and I am just now typing it a year later. Yeah, I'm not very good with deadlines. How do you keep on track?

Squee! It's Friday the 13th.

Progress Post: Gettin' 'er Done

I was quite ambitious today. I sat out to finish Chapter 10 of my debut novel, since I played hooky from work today. Chapter 10 is 18pgs written, and I powered through 10pgs throughout the day. It actually takes a lot to edit and type from handwritten manuscripts, but I wouldn't switch up my style at all. I've only got 3 more chapters, but over 100 written pages to type/edit. What's your writing flow and do you have any tips or tricks?
💔🤓, JM

First Post 2k17: A Stroll With Me

It's -1 outside (well the real feel, anyway), and when a craving calls I must answer! It was literally easier to walk 5 blocks than to shovel out the car, so on my journey I went. It didn't start out as a blog post, but once I saw an empty box of condoms in the snow, I got to snapping.

I also guess today will be officially JM Wynter Day because I purchased my domain! I feel pretty stoked for the projects yet to come. Well, I'm off to finish my OJ and get some writing done whilst I stay warm.
💔🤓, JM