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Wordlust: The Vulture & The Fish

You can't slip
Heart can't skip a beat
Or the vultures will come in
Their sharp beaks
Gnawing at the weak
Preying on the meek
They use pretty words
Build pretty lies
Break bridges you've built
They wait in the shadows
Are up to no good
You can't slip
Heart can't skip a beat
Don't blink
The whores are watching
The whores are marching in
One, two, three, four
What you had is nevermore
Five, six, seven, eight
They storm through the gates
All you feel they tell you it's too late
I miss what I used to have
Do I have it anymore?
Do I possess it?
Is it within me?
Did it ever leave me?
Never even knew it was flying away from me
My little baloon of feelings
Masochistic is this little game we call a relationship
You fell prey
Now I have to pick up the pieces
Or I can simply choose to walk away
Is that even simple?
Simply fuck it all?
Is that even possible?
You can't slip
Heart can't skip a beat
The vultures are watching
Scoping out the lay of the land
There is something about this fish
I sit back and I watch
I like this fish
It swims in another's pond,
but I must have this fish
The vulture lusts
The vulture wants
So many other fish in this big stone pond,
but the vulture wants this fish
No other fish will do
This fish she pursues
You can't slip
Heart can't skip a beat
Nine, ten
I may never feel this feeling again
A pond all dried up
Void, desolate
Fish laid to dry out in the sun
Easy prey for the vulture
On pretty little lies we dine
So many other fish in this big concrete jungle
Yet the vulture wants mine
The Vulture & The Fish 01/12/15


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