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The Great Debate: Ready to Open Again?

So much has changed. I moved from Atlanta to New York City, and now I am planning to move back home to Tampa. I've been thinking about this blog for a couple weeks now. As always, I have so much on my plate, but I really want to delve back into my creative side. I wanted to revamp this, even give it a new name. Start all over perhaps? I need a niche, and I *still* want to get into fashion, and be fashionable. I have a lot going on, but I love adding to my plate. I was thinking something cute like "Curvy Thrift" something about my thrifting and me being plus size. I follow a few cuties who are already doing this. I could also talk more about my natural hair, and what products I love. But there is also something about me that is also quite reserved as I age. I will be 28 this year. How far do I really want people into my life? I have to lead by example, and be a good little girl since I am going into Education of little ones this Spring. I am very excited about that, I hav…