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Year End Review: 2011

I thought it would be easier on me if I just did a re-cap of pictures of my hair, since it's always changing. So, here we are go, loverlies. My hair for the year 2011 (taken from January-On):

I made a button!

I just whipped something together, I haven't made anything like this in years. I had the day off from work, but I just relaxed rather than did any type of work. A real post coming soon, I promise my loverlies.

It feels very unfinished, like I should add one little thing to it, but I can't quite put my finger on it! Aaah. I have work in a couple hours, so I better hit the hay.

Planning for Zee Future, loverlies!

I seriously need to give some thought process into the new design and look for VA this upcoming year. I haven't even thought about when I want to do an officially relaunch or anything like that. I finally caved in and spent some of my savings money for a DSLR ;) I had been pining over one for MONTHS. So, I finally just took the plunge and purchased a kit from my favorite What sucks is that I didn't get it shipped to me here in ATL, but to my Mom's place in FL. I just don't trust or like the ATL Post Office. No, seriously. I sent my Mom some tea in the mail, and she said she got the back and it was ripped completely open and then taped back. Why?!

 So, the good news is that today I spent some time planning on notecards for layout designs for the new blog. I'm kind of excited, but honestly, I haven't messed around with HTML is soo long. I have forgotten a lot of the stuff that will only come back to me with time. I don't even know where to begin w…

Wordlust: Trebled Hearts

Trebled Hearts 12/5/2011
Music is my salvation
I swear sometimes these lyrics were written for me
Trying to reach a revelation
A quick solution to the emptiness,
the consuming void
I fall deep into this music world
I disappear for days,
and reappear like I was never gone
Then you tell me you miss me,
ask where the hell have I been
Could have sworn I just talked to you yesterday
Realize the rift I put between us
Asking myself over and over,
what the hell have I done?
Fell in love with the mist,
a cloud of a man
Fell in love with a memory,
time heals no wounds
Fell in love with the idea,
a lyrical note
Down tempo,
and we fall together off on this treble
And I'm trying to get over you,
forget the words
But I'm being myself again,
stubborn and such a rebel
Damn, it's only been days
But I feel like it's been weeks
Take a deep breath, pop in another CD
Different artist, different beat, my sadness melting
This shit feels so sweet
Just wanted to reach that ultimate high
Just wanted to experience w…