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SONGBIRD SUNDAY: Jimi Hendrix "Voodoo Child"

This isn't really the essence of what this post should be, but I couldn't help myself! A friend of mine posted lyrics to this song, and I immediately squeed like a little girl when I knew what song he was posting. So, I headed right on over to YouTube and had to listen to this classic.

Plug: Wrangled Hearts by Nikol Purvis

[picture is copyrighted to Nikol Purvis]
My loverlies, I finally stopped being lazy and scored my copy for an amazing price. Head on over to NIKOLPURVIS.COM and purchase your e-book copy of her novel "Wrangled Hearts" for only a buck! Hurry, because they are selling like crazy, and she only offered around 100 or so at this amazing price! (I think, maybe I misread her facebook...) Save yourself a crapload of calories and skip the $1 hamburger for lunch and pick up your copy! I'm listening to FLORENCE + THE MACHINE, and then I'm about to start getting into this book. This will be my before bedtime read, and I'm excited!