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Happy Halloween!

Ello, loverlies! Happy Halloween! I hope you all had tons of fun and didn't eat too much candy. Extremely too tired to make a real post, just wanted to drop in and say ello!

Wordlust: Me, My Own.

Me, My Own 9/19/11
What is it to be? To be something, to be nothing, to be all With you or without you Next to you, my fingers on your warm skin My lips kissing the innermost sensual spots Tender, a love so unyielding Yet I'm yearning, wanting and needing more Up and down, and then all around To and fro, and then back again You always seem to come back to me Like a little lost puppy, a misplaced doll Here you are, beside me I need you to be my rock You have big shoes to fill if you want to be with me I need you to catch me when I fall I must admit, I tumble quite a bit Can you handle that? Do you think you're getting in over your head? Because to get with me I need your all Do I need to stroke your ego? Tell you what a big, fulfilling lover you are My words, my feelings, my love wrapped up in a package Enclosed with a bow, and sealed with a kiss Do you want to hear me whisper what you want to hear? That I love you, that I need you, that I want you Lust, passion, a fire that can't be doused What is …

Writing, Writing, & Writing

Honestly, I'm not writing as much as I should be writing, but I am getting a lot of writing done. I was suppose to finish Chapter 12 of the manuscript before the work week started, and just didn't get around to it. I mapped it out instead on notecards, which I would like to try and get more into. I'm trying to wrap up my main project before I jump into my next project.

Things I love about being a writer:
Being at a concert and typing the first chapter of an idea for a book on your Android phone :o)
I have been working on the current manuscript for exactly 1 year and 2 months. Not good, ha ha. I plan to become more disciplined in the future. But then again, I never make plans, because I never stick to them!
Loverlies, how you do you find time in your busy schedule to do the things that you love?

Plug: Nikol Purvis

Ello, my loverlies! I know, I know. It's been a while. I've actually been up to nothing much, just trying to get as much writing as I can on my current manuscript. I've been working on it for over a year now, which is incredibly terrible. Which brings me to my post, because here is a woman, and fellow writer who inspires me a great deal!

 I haven't picked up any of her books yet, (shame on me!) but I plan to do so in the very very near future. She has an amazing deal going on, so make sure to visit her page and get in on that! I know I'm going to!
Once I get the new design up towards late Winter next year, she will DEFINITELY be one of my permalinks! You're amazing Nikol, and keep doing what you do!

Bubble Blower.

I recently got to spend a couple days back home in Florida with my family. It was a nice mini-vacay, that went by entirely too fast if you ask me. It was much needed rest, and I even got to start back working on my manuscript. I need to finish that thing before this year is out, which has gone by extrememely fast! I think I got dropped from doing my Medical classes again, and if I have to redo my financial aid packet, FORGET IT! I am going to go to school for what I want to do, and not what people think is a good idea for me to go to school for. I need to go to school for what makes me happy.

I wish I wasn't too lazy and uncaring to care about fashion. I don't even think I really have a style. If it fits, and I happen to like it, I will wear it. I don't really go out seeking a certain style, I just pick up and wear what I like. I would like to try new things, though. My favorite season is coming into affect, and I finally get to wear this cute dress that has been hanging …

Happy One Year V.A.!!

*Ello, lovelies!* I can't believe an entire year has passed to the exact date, and I still neglect this project terribly! I'm so sorry for that! I have so many ideas, and just absolutely no time in which to commense doing them. I guess I am just going to have to make some time, won't I? It's October, which is one of my favorite months of the year, besides my birthday month (May!!!). The weather in ATL is changing into Fall weather, and that's pretty cool. I plan to go thrifting more, if I can spare some time. I also plan to do a strict Ayurvedic treatment on my hair, and I hop to gain an inch in a couple months. Welp, I'm running out of things to blabber about!