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Plug: Seeing in White: pneumoniawhite

Hello, lovelies! It's Shout Out Saturday, and I have a little time on my hands to do a quick update. I haven't had as much time on my hands as I was expecting to have. The plans I made didn't quite work out for me, so I'm still working insane amounts of overtime at work. The good thing? I'm making more money, which means saving more money, which means new things for Gerrica! Yay!

I love meeting new lovely people, and I have met none other than the beautifully haunting mistress of Pneumonia White. Please visit her amazing blog:


She's amazing, and incredibly sweet. Her blog is a definite daily visit for me, and her images have me spellbound <3 I love the feel of her look, it reminds me a lot of Bowie in one my all time fave movies Labyrinth. What are you still doing here reading this?! Get over to her blog, now! ;)

Summer Highlights ;)

I know these are actually old, and I have changed my hair again since then, but I thought I would still share! So, back in June (see! told you it was olllld!) I did me some highlights for the Summer.

So, I know that this was suppose to be the year that I was giving up hair dying, but I think I broke that back in February or March. I can't leave hair dye alone, because dying my hair is so much fun! I can't wait to share the new hair color with you! It is amazing, I just wish I added more of a splash of color!
Lovelies: What's your favorite color to dye your hair?

Plans and Zee Future!

Expect new and exciting things this Fall! The plans are already in the works, and I'm going to have a lot more creative free time on my hands. So, I'm having a quarter life crisis, but I am going to do something about it. I already have a plan, and I'm currently in the works of making it happen for me. I honestly do not have a lot of time, but I am bustin' my hump to make my little plan come all together. I need everything to stick like glue within the next couple of weeks. Sucks that I am on a STRICT budget, so no thrifting or shopping as I usually am, but it shall only last for the rest of this month hopefully ;) I can feel my creative juices flowing, and I am quite excited! Stay tuned, my little loves!


I miss:

I miss muh Florida Beaches <3 

Wordlust: Affection

Affection 7/30/2011
Love, a single affection
Who knew one emotion could create such a connection
Inflection, my heart roams on
Out and up and away from me
Complete, something that is whole
Something that is tangible
As far as the eye can see, I can feel
Surround me, confound me, and bind me
Simple words, sweet nothings
These eyes they tell no lies
This mind, it travels into the distant skies
Fly high and above me, swirling around the masses
Love, a single affection
Who knew something could create such confusion
Delusion, and I am delusional
Creating something out of nothing
I am woman, and I love so damn hard
I pick up the pieces and mend them back together,
While you give up, and let everything fall apart
What are we without each other?
What are you, man?
Man without a good woman in his corner
Man without a good woman to bring peace
Man without a good woman to fight the good fight
Try and try with all of our might
Oh, how I love him, can't stand to be without him
Love, oh love
How deep does the heart go?