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Length Check

I'm thinking about getting a professional cut sometime this Summer. Those ends look terrible! You see the dark pink line that my hair reaches? I at least want my hair to reach the next dark pink line within the year...or so. Also, this blog will get a little more interesting towards the end of the Summer, promise. It's going to take 2 of my paychecks in order to get my DSLR, but so worth it! I can't wait!

I need to:

create some art before I go crazy in this city! I'm hopefully getting a DSLR later in July. I can't this month like I want to because my Mom's birthday is this month, my Dad's birthday is this month, and his birthday is this month. And I owe my Mom for Mother's Day, too! Sorry, Mom! I was broke and jobless! Now I have monies! And soon I'm getting my GA tag finally, and the transition to becoming an ATLien will be complete. I need glue and inspiration. I think I need a trip to my favorite store The Dollar Tree for some quick supplies...