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Hair Spotting.

This kid had an amazing sandy/reddish blonde kinks! I was completely jelly, I love that color so much! He was part of a wedding party on the beach. And unfortunately, the male bending over thought it would be ok to approach me and hit on me. He was even as bold as to ask for a kiss! Really, guy, really? *Gag*

Beth Ditto: LOVE

"Coal to Diamonds" by The Gossip
I think I feel a little hurt.
My fists are turning coal to diamonds.
Why no one told me so much work
Would all go into tryin'?
Oh, but those feelings ain't the same.
How some things never change.
Well, nobody's perfect.
And I knew better

I thought about it 'til my head hurt.
I thought about it but it only made things worse.
I thought about it 'til my head hurt.
I thought about it but it only made things worse.

So I was wrong.
What could I do?
I knew all along.

Ooh... x3

I'm a fool for you...

Wordlust: Pillow Talk

Pillow Talk 4/15/2011 I could fall deeply into you Swim around in the vastness of your soul Spend an eternity knowing your mind Exploring your body, and loving every minute of it I like the feel of your warm skin against mine Pressed against me, generating the warmth that is passion A warmth that is love, that is pure feeling Lust, love? What's the difference? Can you tell me? They feel the same to me, pulsating through my veins I can't break free, I don't want to break from your reign Press down and shaken together Our bodies locked, entwined on a bed of pure bliss Our souls becoming one, just for this hour... or two Fingers interlocking, lips kissing until they burst Heart racing, beating, pounding like a drum Forgetting everyone and everything else Nothing matters but the intensity that we create This moment, this moment is ours Who in their right minds would try to steal this sunshine? Radiating, hot warmth radiating from our skin Our beings, slippery with sweat Fingers clawing down a moist…

Wordlust: Share

Share 4/12/2011 You could never know this feeling I could never explain it to you There are not enough words in the dictionary Not enough meanings to convey these emotions These feelings that travel through me, Like little lightening bolts I feel the jolts Pulsating, reverberating throughout my being I almost feel like nothing Though I can feel everything I almost am blind Though I can see all things Around me, through me, and sometimes inside me I want to scream, shout even But these feelings can never escape me Haunting, haunting me, always with me Surrounding me, embracing me, I am trapped Sulking, fighting, always trying Getting nowhere, two steps ahead and three steps back Right or left, back and forth, around about me I'm so lost, confused were your words I want to shove your words down you throat Watch you choke on them, choke on vomit You can never imagine the pain You could never fathom the torture I could show it you, this I would love to do Peel the skin back from your thick lips Watch you bleed, …