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Bigen Burgundy #96

So, I know I said I wasn't going to dye my hair anymore for a year, and in a sense, I am kind of, KIND OF keeping to that. I mean, I couldn't take it anymore! The orange, fried look was driving me crazy! I have been wanting to darken my hair for forever now, but I didn't want to dye my hair anymore with harsh chemicals. I picked up 2 boxes of Bigen, @ $4.75/box. Pretty pricey, but I spent the same amount on a box of Feria. I was washing that crap out for 2 months straight, the shower water was burgundy! Never again, Feria!
  1. Sectioned my hair into 4 parts & butterfly clipped in place
  2. Mixed one bottle for the front of my hair
  3. Seperated 1 section into 2 parts, for even distrubution
  4. Mixed the second bottle for the back of my head, the thicker parts
  5. Covered the nasty orange color first
  6. Then, seperated into small parts and applied the dye sparingly
*NOTE*! : Please use it sparingly, because 1 bottle does NOT yield a lot!

I couldn't believe I actually had enough, because I was so nervous I was going to leave parts un-dyed. It relaxed my curls like a normal hair dye, but it didn't burn. I lost the curl definition I was getting back in the front again. A couple weeks of ACV treatments will get them to popping again ;) My curls did feel like straw, like it does when I use regular hair dye. It was kind of messy, I had to bleach the wall where I got a spec on. It STAINS. My forehead and ears are not stained, though. It's a good idea to have bleach on hand.

The Color Result:
Exactly what I wanted. Do NOT expect to get a rich, vibrant burgundy red color. I wanted to darken my color, so it would match my roots. It's exactly what I got. My Mom uses Dark Auburn, and it always turns her hair the deepest shade of black/brown. It's mostly black, with little hints of burgundy here and there.
After Color:
  • I washed with Giovanni Deep Moisture Shampoo
  • Detangled with Giovanni 50/50 Calming Conditioner (looove!!)
  • Applied Giovanni Direct Leave-In
  • Sealed moisture in with warm coconut oil

The whole process, with application, processing the color, rinsing, washing, detangling, conditioning: took about 2.5hrs. This is the last and FINAL time I am ever dying my hair. I mean it this time! Now my roots can grow, and I can continue to love my growing curls. I am quite pleased with growth, I am back at the length from my Winter cut.


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