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Wordlust: Blissfully Nothing

Blissfully Nothing 3/27/2011 We maintain these pretty little lies Hide the scars Keep the pain within When nothing feels like nothing And something still feels like nothing When we watch the blood trickle, And yet still we're not convinced Is living simply breathing? Reverting back into darkness, When nothing still feels like nothing And something still feels bleak We cover up the lines, Not really letting our true selves shine through Lackluster, lacking vibrant life Staring into the bleak darkness Letting it surround you, letting it become you And when will you realize? When it's too late? Before it's too late? Or right on the brink, When you finally get this revelation? You can see into the future Your whole pathetic life flashes right before your eyes Will you still feel the pain? Will you still continue to claw at it? Will you still succumb to the nothing? Let me gnash your skin Let me scar you deeply Let me show you how dead you really are Dead, but you're looking at me Do you see me, Or are y…

Just Thinking

I never tried out the Blogger Mobile on my Blackberry yet, so I thought I would for once. I'm terribly bored and just pondering my little life and my existence on this vast planet. I don't think Atlanta is the place for me either. I still feel incredibly restless and not grounded. I need to move, again. I need to find a place where my heart and soul feels rested. Maybe the South isn't for me? Maybe some other place is calling for me, I just can't hear it.
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Bigen Burgundy #96

So, I know I said I wasn't going to dye my hair anymore for a year, and in a sense, I am kind of, KIND OF keeping to that. I mean, I couldn't take it anymore! The orange, fried look was driving me crazy! I have been wanting to darken my hair for forever now, but I didn't want to dye my hair anymore with harsh chemicals. I picked up 2 boxes of Bigen, @ $4.75/box. Pretty pricey, but I spent the same amount on a box of Feria. I was washing that crap out for 2 months straight, the shower water was burgundy! Never again, Feria!
Sectioned my hair into 4 parts & butterfly clipped in placeMixed one bottle for the front of my hairSeperated 1 section into 2 parts, for even distrubutionMixed the second bottle for the back of my head, the thicker partsCovered the nasty orange color firstThen, seperated into small parts and applied the dye sparingly*NOTE*! : Please use it sparingly, because 1 bottle does NOT yield a lot!

I couldn't believe I actually had enough, beca…