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Thrift'd: Dresses

I forgot how much I love to go thrifting. I haven't in years, though I used to go every single weekend when I was in highschool. Let's just say that I spent $31 for the whole lot, minus the black and white striped dress. That came from Goodwill, and I think they are so overpriced. But I am cheap person ;)

South Life

I love Southern life, but I feel like the fibers inside my body are gravitating me to somwhere more...exotic? I want to get my degree, get some skills, and try something new. I have one last car payment left, and then I own it. So, I am going to have tons and tons of extra money left over. I'm taking a trip to New York and then off on a cruise sometime early April. My passport is going to cost me a whopping $195, but completely worth it! I want to enjoy my life.

Live everyday like it's your last.
Traveling & happiness is completely important to me. Almost more important than stability. I'm an earth sign, but I never really feel grounded, though I flirt with the idea of being in one place. If I'm going to buy a plane ticket to NY, I am staying the whole month of April, and just take it all in. Yeah, that sounds nice... I recently visited my family back in FLA. It was a nice, but too quick weekend. I was honestly ready to get back to ATL, which is very strange for me.…

As good as it gets:
Yeah, that's as good as it's going to get for now. I don't feel like designing a website, even though I have the spare time. But I don't have any of the applications that I use to make my websites. I miss web design, I used to be really really good at it when I was younger. Now? I suck! The picture? I used an Apple Cider Vinegar rinse, and it always makes my curls POP! Wow, 3:30AM? I'm going to take nighttime cold medicine, and pass out.

Photo Dump: Sigh.

I'll be able to afford a DSLR soon, I know it. I want one so bad. I've wanted one for years, but I lost interest in photography for a while. I've always been interested in perserving memories, that's my main thing with photography. I love pictures for the memories, and I love to see what things used to look like. It excites me, like writing for hours none stop. Which is what I did tonight. It was amazing, I'm getting so far in my manuscript, I am so happy with the progress. I'm looking forward to finishing the story line. I think I am in the middle of the manuscript, working my way to the highlight of the entire story. It's going to be amazing, and I can't wait to craft it. My hard drive is still in FL, and I need it so I can get some pictures printed off of it. I have this project for my room that I started last night, and I really want to get started on it! The other day the weather was amazing in GA, so I decided to head over to the bestie's Dezi…

Wordlust: Fine Chocolate

Fine Chocolate 2/4/2011
Chocolate, oh so beautiful, oh so smooth Sweet on my tongue Candy to my eyes Mmm, chocolate Your sweetness prevails me Milk chocolate, dark chocolate, even white chocolate to satisfy my taste I can't be defined by one race Can't be confined to silly boundaries The heart wants what the heart gets And the eyes desire you, my sweet sensation Chocolate Melt in my mouth Quiver to my touch Give me a sample Give me a taste I don't ask for much Oh, chocolate! My sweet chocolate! Sometimes sweet, and sometimes bitter On my lips, lick my fingers Your sticky sweet lingers Chocolate, delicious chocolate Warm caresses and sweet kisses Fire burning from head to toe The heat rising, bubbling on my skin Moist, sticky, sweet up my spine Damn! This elation has got me feeling mighty fine!

Happy Valentine's Day! </3 JAe

darwin deez - up in the clouds (official video)

Happy 73rd Birthday, Grandma!

So, my Grandmother would be 73 today, but she's gone to a better place. I still miss her. I baked a German Chocolate cake for her birthday, since I am in GA and my family is in FL. *Sigh* So, I've been meaning to get a tattoo in her rembrance forever and a day now, and I still haven't gotten around to it. I was going to November '10, but ended up moving up here. I've got another idea swirling in my head for a tattoo, and I think I'm really going to get this one, because it's simpler. I'm thinking either cupcakes or cakes, with a nautical twist on it. I honestly can't wait until I have the extra money in order to get my chest piece done. Seems like I'm never going to get around to getting a tattoo...

Happy Black History Month

[Circa 2008, please excuse the winter acne...]
It's one of my favorite months of the year, besides my birthday. I just think the culture behind this month makes it a really beautiful month. *Sigh* I'm actually having a good hair day tonight. I'm pleased that I have about half an inch of new growth. But my front just doesn't curl at all anymore. All the hair dying has really killed my curl pattern, and I'm glad I stopped the obsession. The back of my hair, the curls really pop, they look amazing. If I smooth them out, they are smoothed out. I do like the fashion that hair dye brings, but I think a lot of the reason for dying so much was a way to relax my curls, especially in the back. When I didn't properly know how to detangle my hair, I got matting all the time. Whether I dyed my hair or not. I've learned a lot in my journey, and I think I still have a lot to learn. I just want to really exhibit my hair's full potential of being a beautiful head of curl…

21 Days: Daniel Fasting // DAY TWELVE

My fast is winding down. Only a week left, and I'm kind of sad about it. It really wasn't that hard to stick to. I mean, I miss milk, and I miss cheese, and I miss bagels and sandwiches. I miss icecream, and bowls of cereal. That's about it. I liked the fast. Oh yeah! I miss grilled chicken! I think after the fast I will continue to eat healthy. I ate a bowl of Campbell's Vegetarian Soup and a Sweet Potatoe. All cooked in the microwave. I will never eat regular potatoes again. 5 minutes and the sweet potatoe was completely done. I didn't need any seasoning, or butter like I thought I would. I really like being on this fast. I really actually enjoy eating healthy. I will definitely be incorporating the things I have learned on my fast into my regular eating habits.