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Wordlust: (The First Poem of 2011): Move, Child

Move, Child 1/23/2011
Silence, be still
Put my Faith in You and run with it
Run against the wind, against the will of my enemies
They want to see my fall
They want to see me suffer
But I will suffer them, and they will suffer me
For I am a child in His anointing
He will rock me asleep, when you cannot slumber
I will not fall, I will not dash my foot against stone
For I am strong, through Him I have strength
I will swim against the currents
The vile words, and all the guile
Be away from me!
I rebuke and cleanse all evil spirits
I fly freely in the gust, mellow in the breeze
My bones they shatter under my flesh
But I extend my arms high up into the sky
And I claim it, and I praise Him
His name will be on my tongue, and His love in my heart
His praise will be in my soul, and His words will never be cold
Like a child, I can be punished
And being obedient, I will be rewarded
For when He says for me to move, I move and I sway
To the beat of His drum, to the music of His love
Humility, make me humble
I will fall on my knees and give Him the glory that is due
For He shields me, and protects me
I will make His way so
Peace, be still, engulf me in honor
My Peacemaker showers me with unyielding adulation
My soul, once tormented, beaten, abused, depressed
My soul reigns free, flies high above the sky, above the clouds
I close my eyes, and the tears flow down
Can this be real?
This mighty feeling that oozes from every orifice of my being
What is this feeling?
My God! I feel I can move mountains!
I can conquer beasts and demons, and foe alike
I can't come down from this high
I don't want to come down from this high above
Electrified, fire burning deep within me
A love I hope you can experience
A love I hope you can one day feel
Don't be lost, don't be lost in the ways of the wicked
Silence? Don't be still, get up and move

Copyright Gerrica "Jae" Mobley (c) 2011. Please do not repost without permission.

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