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21 Days: Daniel Fasting // DAY THREE

My Dad has been eating fried foods in my face. And my favorites too! Hush puppies and shrimp! I love me some shrimp! Aah! But it is day 3 of my Daniel Fast, and I ran out of the potatoe dish that I cooked. I was going to make meatless chili for my second dish, but I didn't even realize that I bought a can of chili beans that have the meat added already. How in the world did I miss that?! That's what I get for going shopping at 1AM in the morning, and right before an icestorm. This icestorm sucks! I'm getting cabin fever like crazy for being stuck in the house going on 4 days straight. I haven't gotten any writing done. I was writing last night, and the part in the manuscript where I had to describe how the girl eats a chocolate cupcake. Seriously?! I had to stop, I couldn't go on! Anywho, I made sort of a Tex Mex dish for my second dish, and it came out really really good! This is my own recipe:
Tex Mex Burrito & Corn
1 can of Fire Roasted Tex Mex tomatoes
1 can of Black Beans
Half of yellow onion chopped fine
Sprinkle of black pepper
Sprinkle of sea salt
1 TB of minced garlic
1 can of Golden corn
Whole Wheat Tortilla
Half of can of water

You can add the corn in the pot with the tamotoes and beans, but I decided to keep it seperate, so it felt like I was eating more. I just sprinkled the corn with pepper and sea salt. I boiled on Medium High for about 7 minutes, then I simmered on low for about 20min or so. I was going to add lettuce in the burrito, but I got lazy. It was really good, tasted just like a meal I had in a Mexican resturaunt. I will definitely be cooking this again. I only wish I wasn't lazy, so I could fry the tortilla brown in a frying pan, so it would be toasty. I had leftovers that lasted me for a week! I ended up cutting up iceburg lettuce and had me a tasty salad!

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